My NCAA March Madness Picks

Take a look at who I think will win and lose in the month of March

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A game being played during March Madness

Photo Provided by: Wikimedia Commons

A game being played during March Madness


  • Duke vs NC Central/NDSU- DUKE
  • VCU vs UCF- UCF
  • Mississippi St. vs Liberty- MISS ST.
  • Virginia Tech vs St. Louis- VIRGINIA TECH
  • Maryland vs Belmont/Temple- MARYLAND
  • LSU vs Yale- LSU
  • Louisville vs Minnesota- LOUISVILLE
  • Michigan St. vs Bradley- MICHIGAN ST.


  • Gonzaga vs FDU/PVAMU- GONZAGA
  • Syracuse vs Baylor- SYRACUSE
  • Murray St. vs Marquette- MURRAY ST.
  • Florida St. vs Vermont- FLORIDA ST.
  • Buffalo vs ASU/St John’s- BUFFALO
  • Texas Tech vs Northern Kentucky- TEXAS TECH
  • Nevada vs Florida- FLORIDA
  • Michigan vs Montana- MICHIGAN


  • Virginia vs Gardner-Webb- VIRGINIA
  • Ole Miss vs Oklahoma- OKLAHOMA
  • Wisconsin vs Oregon- WISCONSIN
  • Kansas St. vs UC Irvine- KANSAS ST.
  • Villanova vs St. Mary’s- VILLANOVA
  • Purdue vs Old Dominion- PURDUE
  • Cincinnati vs Iowa- CINCINNATI
  • Tennessee vs Colgate- TENNESSEE


  • North Carolina vs Iona- NORTH CAROLINA
  • Utah St. vs Washington- UTAH ST.
  • Auburn vs New Mexico St.- AUBURN
  • Kansas vs Northeastern- KANSAS
  • Iowa St. vs Ohio St.- IOWA ST.
  • Houston vs Georgia St.- HOUSTON
  • Wofford vs Seton Hall- SETON HALL
  • Kentucky vs Abilene Christian- KENTUCKY



  • Duke vs UCF- DUKE
  • Mississippi St. vs Virginia Tech- VIRGINIA TECH
  • Maryland vs LSU- LSU
  • Louisville vs Michigan St.- MICHIGAN ST.
  • Gonzaga vs Syracuse- GONZAGA
  • Murray St. vs Florida St.- FLORIDA ST.
  • Buffalo vs Texas Tech- TEXAS TECH
  • Florida vs Michigan- MICHIGAN
  • Virginia vs Oklahoma- VIRGINIA
  • Wisconsin vs Kansas St.- KANSAS ST.
  • Villanova vs Purdue- PURDUE
  • Cincinnati vs Tennessee- TENNESSEE
  • North Carolina vs Utah St.- NORTH CAROLINA
  • Auburn vs Kansas- AUBURN
  • Iowa St. vs Houston- HOUSTON
  • Seton Hall vs Kentucky- KENTUCKY



  • Duke vs Virginia Tech- DUKE
  • LSU vs Michigan St.- LSU
  • Gonzaga vs Florida St.- GONZAGA
  • Texas Tech vs Michigan- MICHIGAN
  • Virginia vs Kansas St.- VIRGINIA
  • Purdue vs Tennessee- TENNESSEE
  • North Carolina vs Auburn- NORTH CAROLINA
  • Houston vs Kentucky- KENTUCKY



  • Duke vs LSU- DUKE
  • Gonzaga vs Michigan- GONZAGA
  • Virginia vs Tennessee- TENNESSEE
  • North Carolina vs Kentucky- NORTH CAROLINA



  • Duke vs Gonzaga- DUKE
  • Tennessee vs North Carolina- NORTH CAROLINA



  • DUKE- 75