It’s a Small World

Cy Woods foreign exchange students come together as one.


Photo Taken by: Craig Self

Cy Woods StuCo comes together with the foreign exchange students

Imagine stepping foot in a school that is four times bigger than what your’e used to. Imagine not knowing a single person inside the school. Imagine not knowing where a single one of your classes are. Imagine not knowing what 212 is about. Imagine now knowing why in the word a man comes on the announcements and starts screaming.

Well that’s what the first day of school looked like for our five foreign exchange students. Two students from Spain, one from Brazil, one from Germany and one from Poland decided that they would put their lives on hold in their respective country and journey over to Cy Woods High School to complete a year of their high school career.

Student Council came together and realized that they wanted to make these exchange students feel welcome, make them aware of our traditions, and introduce them to their fellow exchange students.

On September 20, 2019, the first foreign exchange party of the year was held in our schools teaching theater.

These exchange students, along with a few StuCo members were excused from their second and third periods to come together and create community with each other.

From ice breakers, to postcards, to taking them on a tour of our large school, to exchanging numbers and social medias, and to trying some of each others cultural dishes, these exchange students left feeling like they truly were apart of Cy Woods.

Throughout the year, StuCo plans to throw a couple more parties for these students so they can feel welcome and apart of our school and to make them feel like they are at their home away from home, even if it’s thousands of miles away.