Girl Code: Prom Edition

My checklist for girls that will make their prom night even better


Photo Provided by: Pexels

Prom bouquet with red roses

Ladies, it’s finally your time to shine. It’s time for you to get all dolled up with your beautiful makeup, your gorgeous hairstyle and, of course, your breathtaking dress. You’ve been waiting for this day since you walked in the door on the first day of your high school years. The time is now. The time to dance the night away with all of your friends and your classmates. Here’s my little checklist that will help your night be even better than expected. Firstly, ladies, we all dream of the perfect promposal, at the perfect place and perfect time, incorporating something that is special to you; so, in case your date is clueless on how to ask you, be sure to throw out some helpful hints that will eventually make the promposal everything you wanted it to be. Secondly, make sure your date pays you back for your ticket, since you must purchase your own ticket on School Cash, as that is the proper thing for the boy to do for dates. Another item of business, this is your night, and you, of course, want to take the best pictures with your date, so make sure that there is some color coordinating between the two of you. While your dress is definitely the priority, be sure to let your date know the color of it, so he can be sure to buy a matching color tie or bowtie. Lastly and most importantly, have fun, leave all of your worries and drama at the door and just let loose, and you’ll be guaranteed to have a great time. This is the last event of your high school years before you walk the stage and head off to start a whole different journey, so make this night all that you want it to be, and make sure to never forget it.