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Hunger Games: the Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes

Hunger Games: the Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes

Holly Neighbors, Editor-in-Chief December 15, 2023

On November 17, Theaters released “Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes", the long anticipated prequel to its mid-2000s franchise. “The Hunger Games", originally a book series, is a North...

A Frazzingly Fright in the Theatre

Zackary Lewis, Cartoonist December 15, 2023

The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie did an impressive job bringing the well known animatronic nightmares to life. Freddy, Bonnie and Chica look even more creepy on the big screen, creating an atmosphere...

Creature feature

Lauren Lavers, Publications Liason November 17, 2023

Horror as a genre has been a point of contention ever since consumable media was created. Some people love it, some people hate it, but there is something truly special about choosing to be frightened...

Sea of surprises: One Piece Review

Connor Bickham, Staff Reporter November 17, 2023

Getting your hands on the rights of famous works of fiction and being tasked with creating a new adaptation of said work is difficult. Netflix has gotten the rights to adapt live action versions of...

These Things Happen Too, and they happened well

“These Things Happen Too”, and they happened well

Hunter Mancuso, Copy Editor October 8, 2021

G-Eazy put out his seventh studio album last week and Eazy's fans can rejoice. It sparks back memories of what Eazy used to be in his glory days before everything went downhill. Naming the album “These...

The top 3 movies of this summer

The top 3 movies of this summer

Connor Bickham, Staff Reporter October 6, 2021

This year's summer was quite eventful. With people finally going to the theaters, they got to see new movies and enjoy them. Here are  the best three movies that have come out this summer.    The...

Offspring opening song, Self-Esteem

2021 Buzzfest

Emily Gibbs, Staff Reporter September 28, 2021

Buzzfest is an annual music festival where grunge and rock bands from all over the country join together and perform their top hits for fans. This year the festival took place at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion. ...

Donda vs. Certified Lover Boy

Donda vs. Certified Lover Boy

Ryan Zach, Reporter September 28, 2021

Kanye West and Drake are two artists who need absolutely no introduction. Two of the most known names in the music industry at the moment, both have also been involved with the release of some of the most...

“The Thing” review

Connor Bickham April 8, 2021

"The Thing", directed by John Carpenter and stars Kurt Russel, Keith David and Wilford Brimley, was released on June 25, 1982, and was widely disliked by audience members and critics. However, as the years...

Theaters and covid cases

Connor Bickham April 8, 2021

As most of you know, our world has been plagued by the Coronavirus and now its difficult to enjoy things like going to big sport events like the super bowl, or an Astros games, even going to your favorite...

The first official poster for Zack Snyders Justice League. Copyright by Warner Media

The superior director’s cut of a superhero flop

Peyton Berry, Staff Critic April 8, 2021

If I’m being completely honest with everyone reading, this is not a review that I ever imagined I would be writing. However, the past year has taught me that literally anything is possible, and I’m...

Copyright by Well Go USA Entertainment

The ever-elusive perfect movie

Peyton Berry, Staff Critic December 10, 2020

In my last review, I remarked on the absence of decent-to-good movies that are being released. Thanks to the pandemic, every promising movie aside from “Tenet” and “Wonder Woman 1984” were pushed...

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