NBA Playoffs Preview

Predictions for the entire 2019 NBA playoffs

Logo for the NBA playoffs

By Flickr user Michael Tipton

Logo for the NBA playoffs

Eastern Conference First round:

(1)Milwaukee Bucks v (8)Detroit Pistons – 4-0 MILWAUKEE BUCKS

The Pistons are outmatched on all levels of  the court in this match up. And with the future MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo leading the way, there is no shot at the Pistons making it past the first round.


(4)Boston Celtics v (5)Indiana Pacers – 4-2 BOSTON CELTICS

Despite the Pacers late stride of wins without their franchise guard Victor Oladipo, it won’t be enough against Brad Stevens and the Celtics combination of talent.


(2)Toronto Raptors v (7)Orlando Magic- 4-2- TORONTO RAPTORS

Despite the Raptors failures in past NBA playoffs, the will get back on track with a first round series win over the Magic.


(3)Philadelphia 76ers v(6)Brooklyn Nets-4-3 BROOKLYN NETS

Honestly the lack of chemistry between the 76ers top stars and Joel Embiid’s injury with his leg will lead to the Sixers going home early.



Western Conference First round:

(1)Golden State Warriors v (8) Los Angeles Clippers- 4-0 GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS
Playoff Warriors are here and they don’t make mistakes. And spite of the Clippers being a pretty efficient and competitive team, they won’t be a match for Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson


(4)Houston Rockets v (5)Utah Jazz-4-1- HOUSTON ROCKETS
If James Harden is hitting shots and not being clumsy with the basketball, this should be a quick series win in the bout between the top two teams since the All Star break.


(2)Denver Nuggets v (7)San Antonio Spurs-4-3-DENVER NUGGETS

The inexperience of the Nuggets team may prove fatal in their match up against arguably the best and most experienced coach in all of basketball in Greg Popovich, but the talent on the Nuggets roster barely outweighs the Spurs experience which will push them onto the second round.


(3)Portland Trail Blazers v (6)Oklahoma City Thunder-4-3-OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER

Paul George’s injury is the main factor into this close series, but if PG13 is able to go and play at a high level then the Thunder have a strong chance of defeating Damian Lillard and the Trail Blazers.



Eastern Conference Semi-finals:

(1)Milwaukee Bucks v (4)Boston Celtics-4-2-MILWAUKEE BUCKS

Even with the Celtics making it to the Eastern Conference Finals in back-to-back years, the future MVP in Giannis Antetokounmpo and Coach of the year in Mike Budenholzer will be to powerful for the Celtics.


(2)Toronto Raptors v (6)Brooklyn Nets-4-2-TORONTO RAPTORS

Brooklyn’s Cinderella run in the playoffs will end after a meeting with the healthy Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors.



Western Conference Semi-finals:

(1)Golden State Warriors v (4)Houston Rockets- 4-3- HOUSTON ROCKETS
After failing to beat the Warriors in a game seven last year, the Rockets will get their rematch against the Warriors and take them out of the finals for the first time in five years.


(2)Denver Nuggets v (6)Oklahoma City Thunder-4-2- DENVER NUGGETS

Despite the Nuggets struggling to end their season, a gift of their cupcake playoff schedule will get them to the Western Conference finals.



Eastern and Western Conference finals:

(1)Milwaukee Bucks v (2) Toronto Raptors-4-1- MILWAUKEE BUCKS

Similar to the Denver Nuggets playoff opponents,they are fairly easy. However, now they come to Milwaukee where their run will end. Failing to make it to the NBA Finals once again.


(2)Denver Nuggets v (4)Houston Rockets-4-2-HOUSTON ROCKETS

Harden and the Rockets will be hitting their stride by the time this match up occurs, so they will be ready to defeat the Nuggets who have had an easier schedule throughout the playoffs.



NBA Finals:

(1)Milwaukee Bucks v (4)Houston Rockets-4-3- MILWAUKEE BUCKS

This match up will be a must watch site and will be definitely have close games. However, because of the Rockets having to go through such tough match ups like the Utah Jazz in round one and Golden State in round 2, the Bucks will be able to take advantage of the worn out Rockets and will become the 2018-2019 NBA champions.