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Gender: Redefined by Trump

A label for a public transgender bathroom facility

SarahW, Editor In Chief

October 24, 2018

After Obama's administration took steps towards a more inclusive definition of the term 'gender,' the Department of Health and Human Services is pushing Trump to establish a legal definition of 'gender.' Trump's administration has since stated that their definition of gender is defined by one's biological...

Sally Yates to Testify

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates

KyleR, Business Manager

May 8, 2017

Since the beginning of his term, President Trump has been surrounded by controversy including the "Muslim ban" and his cabinet. Now, former Deputy Attorney General during the last two years of Obama's term and temporary Attorney General for the first ten days of Trump's term, Sally Yates, has the first...

Health Care Bill Passes

Health Care Bill Passes

KaeT, Acting Social Media Editor

May 5, 2017

With an astonishingly close vote of 217-213, it was made official on May 4th that Trump’s new health care bill would pass into the Senate where it would face even closer observation. This was considered a great victory for President Trump, and a first big step to hopefully change health care for the...

Trump’s First 100 Days

President Donald Trump

KyleR, Business Manager

April 27, 2017

Already, the first 100 days of President's Trump term have come and gone, but many people are feeling mixed about how well/badly it went and what this means for the rest of the term. Originally, President Franklin Roosevelt established that the first 100 days of a president's term determines the rest...

Trump’s First Budget Proposal

President Trump has recently released his first budget proposal.

HannahN, Staff Reporter

March 22, 2017

President Trump has released a partial outline of his 2018 budget plan. He has proposed major cuts to state and other development programs, Health and Human Services, the Environmental Protection Agency, and smaller cuts to programs such as the energy department, treasury, and NASA and several others, ...

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions Confirmed as Attorney General

Photo provided by Flickr User Gage Skidmore.

JordanM, Editor-in-Chief

February 8, 2017

President Trump’s pick for Attorney General, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions (R) was confirmed by the senate on Wednesday evening. Sessions’ confirmation hearings were the subject of controversy following the silencing of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) because of her reading a letter written b...

Cy Ranch Nazi Salute

Credit: Vimeo user Greg Andrews

LeahT, Entertainment Editor

February 3, 2017

Monday, the Cypress Ranch senior class took their class panoramic on schedule. During the photo shoot, around 70 students rose their hands and yelled, "Heil Hitler, Heil Trump".  Several students caught the image of their classmates in the act and posted them on social media. Teachers 'did nothing'...

A Woman’s Opinion on the Women’s March

Photo provided by:

JordanM, Editor-in-Chief

January 31, 2017

Over a million people in the United States took part in the Women’s March on the first day of President Donald Trump’s term according to The New York Times. Over a million people stood up for women's rights in the face of a time where they may be put in jeopardy, especially the future of women...

Eight More Days of Speculation

Donald Trump Battles with CNN Senior White House Correspondant.

MatthewR, Social Media Editor

January 12, 2017

­ As of January 12th we are eight days from Donald Trump's inauguration as the 45th President of the United States. Two nights ago President Obama gave his farewell address and last night Donald Trump held a press conference where he addressed the nation about the state of his agenda and the minds...

Right Shift

Right Shift

ColinH, Staff Reporter

November 18, 2016

In the aftermath of the election, numerous people conjured up the idea that Trump had, manipulated his way into office. They speculated that he used rhetoric of the alt-right to garner the votes he received, but that ultimately he would end up being a moderate, and possibly even a liberal president....

Not My President

Not My President

KaeT, Staff Reporter

November 16, 2016

As everyone is aware, the elections wrapped up just last week with the new President Elect being Donald Trump. The election results blew everyone away, and recently people have been taking to the streets in protest against the new republican president. From loud cries and signs to property being burnt...

Mapping Out The Election

Mapping Out The Election

HaleyB, Staff Reporter

November 7, 2016

November eighth. Election day.  There are 50 states with a total of 146,311,000 people registered to vote. The two candidates are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Anticipation rolls all over the United States to see who will win. According to CNN: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas,...

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