Sally Yates to Testify

Former deputy attorney general to speak on flynn



Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates

Since the beginning of his term, President Trump has been surrounded by controversy including the “Muslim ban” and his cabinet. Now, former Deputy Attorney General during the last two years of Obama’s term and temporary Attorney General for the first ten days of Trump’s term, Sally Yates, has the first to offer a public account of former Trump National Security adviser Michael Flynn and his contacts with Russia surrounding the possible election hacking and dealings between Trump and Russia.

Soon after Trump’s election, rumors began swirling that Russia had hacked the election and that Trump was working with Russia. Eventually, former Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton claimed she was hacked by Russia trying to interfere with the election. With rising concerns and possible evidence, Flynn suddenly quit his jobs as Trump’s National Security adviser with no apparent reason leading to speculation that he was also involved with the possible. In April, FBI Director, James Comey, publicly acknowledged that they were investigation the possible collaboration between Trump’s associate and Russian officials.

For the first time, Yates will publicly testify to a Senate panel on a January 26 meeting where she alerted White House Counsel Don McGahn that Flynn had lied about his interactions with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, to several administrators including Vice President Mike Pence. Speculation says that this led to possible blackmailing by Russian officials to control Flynn and his actions as an adviser making the US vulnerable to outside attacks leading to his resignation.

President Trump has attacked the former Deputy Attorney General saying that she leaked classified information to newspapers, who he also labeled as fake again, on Twitter. But, it has not been confirmed if Yates leaked information.

Until she testifies before the Senate panel, Yates will continue to remain silent on what she witnessed in the first ten days of Trump’s Presidency and her attorney has refused to comment on anything. So, the nation will have to wait until her testimony to see what might or might not have happened between Flynn and Russian officials.