Health Care Bill Passes

Trump's new bill barely makes it

With an astonishingly close vote of 217-213, it was made official on May 4th that Trump’s new health care bill would pass into the Senate where it would face even closer observation.
This was considered a great victory for President Trump, and a first big step to hopefully change health care for the better. Many do not think the bill will survive the U.S. senate, but Trump remains confident that it will officially pass.
Previously the bill has been critiqued, as it would leave about 24 million people uninsured and without care. This has lead to major controversy in the media, many being against the idea.
The main parts of the bill consist of removing Obamacare taxes on the wealthy and removing the Affordable Care Act. The only piece of Obamacare is one statement, children can stay on their parents’ insurance plans until they are 26.
As of now it is unknown what will become of the bill in the Senate, as the controversy is widespread and near evenly favored or disliked. Many who disapprove of the new health care act focus on one main factor. If Obamacare is repealed, many people who need the aid would be left without the help they desperately need.