Eight More Days of Speculation

What Donald Trump has done to outrage many viewers


Photo by: CNN Photographer Joseph Kravitz

Donald Trump Battles with CNN Senior White House Correspondant.

MatthewR, Social Media Editor


As of January 12th we are eight days from Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States. Two nights ago President Obama gave his farewell address and last night Donald Trump held a press conference where he addressed the nation about the state of his agenda and the mindset he has going into the presidency.

Among conversations about immigration, healthcare and birth rights, President Elect Trump denied questioning from CNN Senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Acosta attempted to address him six times while the President Elect attacked Jim Acosta and CNN saying that his “organization is terrible,” and telling Acosta that he was “fake news.

Typical politicians allow for questioning from all news publications and because denying the press to ask questions freely (freedom of the press) creates discrepancies in the claims a politician makes and infringes on the people’s ability to stay informed in politics. Trump’s denial of a CNN White House Correspondent is of the likeness of a situation President Obama had with Fox News where he was questioned about the legitimacy of his birth certificate and constantly accused of being an illegitimate president and “the son of a Muslim terrorist.” Despite these allegations President Obama never refused questioning from Fox News.

The lack of professionalism of Mr. Trump during this press conference was even recognized by Fox News themselves a typically conservative news outlet. They too believe that during press conferences Donald Trump “owes it to the people to answer the questions asked by the press.”

Trump also denied Jorge Ramos from Univision to ask him questions at a press conference in August. This outraged the Latin community and was an early sign of how the now President Elect would respond to interviewers he disagreed with.

Although admired by many, Trump has broken rules of engagement for the communications community and denied the press publicly, something that few Presidents have done before.