Right Shift

ColinH, Staff Reporter

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In the aftermath of the election, numerous people conjured up the idea that Trump had, manipulated his way into office. They speculated that he used rhetoric of the alt-right to garner the votes he received, but that ultimately he would end up being a moderate, and possibly even a liberal president. But, as he makes his nominations, and talks about his first 100 days in office, we can see that he intends to hold dear to the people that voted him in.  He has appointed several hardliners to top national security positions, such as Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as attorney general, Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo as the CIA director, and retired General Michael Flynn as national security adviser.

These most recent nominations, along with many other nominations confirm what many were hoping for, and what others were hoping against. Donald Trump will most likely have a conservative presidency, and not the moderate one some more left-leaning people were hoping for. People were citing his past statements, including his political ideology as a Democrat up until 2009. There was a lot of speculation, but as it seems, Trump will follow through with most of his ideas. He has taken a positive stance towards the LGBT community, and has taken his anti-Muslim rhetoric off of his website. It mirrors the Andrew Jackson presidency of 1829. A political outsider rose up, and subsequently promised to return the political realm to the people. Andrew Jackson filled his administration with supporters, most of whom were political outsiders as well, alluding to Trump’s ‘Drain the Swamp’ notion. Pretty much everyone who has been chosen to partake in Trump’s future administration has been politically conservative, especially Trump’s Vice President-elect: Mike Pence. But only time will tell how this will play out for the country in the long run.

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