Trump’s First 100 Days

What happened in the first few days



President Donald Trump

Already, the first 100 days of President’s Trump term have come and gone, but many people are feeling mixed about how well/badly it went and what this means for the rest of the term. Originally, President Franklin Roosevelt established that the first 100 days of a president’s term determines the rest of it, but some presidents have defied this political philosophy. After Trump’s 100 days, the US and the world wait to see if he will.

President Trump marched into the White House and immediately began taking action. Within hours, if not minutes, of arriving, the White House website had posted Trump’s foreign policy plan with a focus on “America First” with his top priorities being the Islamic State, rebuilding the military and embrace diplomacy. One of his biggest actions was the immigration ban on several  Middle East countries to prevent terrorists from entering the US, or more commonly known as ‘the Muslim ban’. Also, Trump has focused more on North Korean threats with the country testing missiles and attempting to acquire nuclear weapons.

Domestically, Trump has taken an equally active role in several ways. He has cut federal spending for several agencies threatening their existence. He has also pushed for tax cuts and deregulation (for every regulation put in place, two are supposed to be removed) similar to Ronald Reagan’s Supply Side economics, also know as Trickle Down economics or Reaganomics. Trump and Congress have pushed for the removal of the Affordable Health Care Act, or Obamacare, but have failed to physically remove it due to no suitable replacement (but a new replacement was recently proposed that has not been considered yet).

If President Trump’s first 100 days can be indicative of anything for the rest of his term, Americans can count on his continued challenging of political norms as seen throughout the presidential campaign and his first days. Also, the US expect him to continue to be a President of acting sooner rather than later and doing so swiftly (probably because he’s a business man and people have to act fast in business). But with the 100 days over, the US can only hope and wait to see what will come of President Trump.