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Steamboat Willie sets sail  to the public domain

Steamboat Willie sets sail to the public domain

Connor Bickham, Staff Reporter March 8, 2024

Steamboat Willie is a classic animated short film produced by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks that was released Nov. 18, 1928. The film features the iconic character Mickey Mouse as a steamboat captain, and...

Hollywood in limbo

Hollywood in limbo

Connor Bickham, Staff Reporter December 15, 2023

To go on strike is a collective assertion of discontent aimed at advocating for an improved version of what is flawed with one’s job. This year, the beloved actors and writers of Hollywood went on...

A blue light shines where the Twin Towers once stood.

9/11: 20 Years Later

Evan Hull, Business Manager September 27, 2021

On Sept. 11, 2001, the United States of America was shaken to its core. Four planes hijacked by the terrorist group al-Qaeda crashed into the symbols of the USA.  Two into both towers that made up the...

Theaters and covid cases

Connor Bickham April 8, 2021

As most of you know, our world has been plagued by the Coronavirus and now its difficult to enjoy things like going to big sport events like the super bowl, or an Astros games, even going to your favorite...

The International Space Station (ISS) in orbit.

SpaceX to conduct first ever all-civilian trip to space

Evan Hull, Co-Section Editor March 1, 2021

SpaceX, the private space transportation company led by Elon Musk will make history once again. They will conduct the first ever civilian space flight.   In October 2021, a crew of four people...

The House of Representatives chamber at the U.S. Capitol building

What happened in Washington?

Evan Hull, Co-Section Editor February 5, 2021

  On Wednesday, Jan. 6, both the House of Representatives and the Senate came together for a joint-session of Congress in order to officially certify the 2020 presidential election results. he...

 ANA, a Japanese airline, resumes service to Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Flying during COVID-19

Evan Hull, Co-Section Editor December 10, 2020

Travelling has always been a favorite pastime of people around the world throughout history. From the explorers 500 years ago to the common person today, travel has always been popular, especially when...

Election night 2020 recap

Evan Hull, Co-Section Editor November 23, 2020

On Nov. 2, 2020, the United States had its 59th presidential election. The election will determine if the incumbent candidate Donald Trump, a Republican, will win or lose the White House to the Democratic...

DCPS Walkout, Independence Ave, Not My President by Lorie Shaull is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Why the 2020 election feels existential

Eshal Warsi, Co-section Editor November 23, 2020

  ivil unrest has become a real possibility following the 2020 election, no matter who wins. However, the possibility of such an outcome is not due to candidate rhetoric: it is an indication of...

Gondolas sailing in Venice, Italy

The Growing Problem of Overtourism

EvanH, Staff Reporter January 16, 2020

In recent years, countries all around the world have been experiencing a relatively new problem called overtourism. Overtourism occurs when cities are crowded with so many tourists that it starts to affect...

Minding Your Health

Minding Your Health

FiorellaP, Managing Editor December 12, 2019

A new piece of legislation has been proved in attempts to help students who may need mental health help. The bill, which was proposed by state Rep. Jason Villalba, would force high school students to have...

Hollywoods Bleeding

Hollywood’s Bleeding

FiorellaP, Managing Editor December 10, 2019

You may or may not know Post Malone, but there’s no doubt you’ve probably heard him on mainstream radio millions of times. The American singer, songwriter and rapper has gained high acclamation for...

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