The Crimson Connection

Ween performs in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on November 17, 2007.

Ween: Music’s Funniest Joke that Isn’t One

An overview of one of music's first examples of mainstream art rock, a band's music you've heard but don't know the name.
RyanZ, Staff Reporter January 24, 2020

Many people are familiar with the song that plays at the end of The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, called Ocean Man. A short, nonsensical tune with the narrator addressing the titular Ocean Man about various...

Hollywood's Bleeding

Hollywood’s Bleeding

Review of Post Malone’s newest album
FiorellaP, Managing Editor December 10, 2019

You may or may not know Post Malone, but there’s no doubt you’ve probably heard him on mainstream radio millions of times. The American singer, songwriter and rapper has gained high acclamation for...

The Final Cut album cover, designed by Roger Waters and published by Harvest and Columbia records.

The Final Cut

Review of Pink Floyd's final album as a quartet.
RyanZ, Staff Reporter November 1, 2019

Just after the release of the groundbreaking rock opera The Wall, Pink Floyd and its' fan base both had no idea where to go next. The sessions in which The Wall was recorded were notoriously filled to...

Let It Be album cover, designed by John Kosh and published by Apple records.

Let It Be

A review of the final album by The Beatles.
RyanZ, Staff Reporter September 5, 2019

In late 1969, the turmoil between the world’s most famous rock band, The Beatles, was at an all-time high. Creative differences between members lead to arguments about how songs should sound, where they...

Billie Eilish at Icebox.

Billie Eilish: The Perpetuation of Sonic Monotony

A leech on an already dying industry.
RyanZ, Staff Reporter May 22, 2019

The music industry is a Wild West-like landscape full of equal parts up-and-coming artists and dying artists. In 2019, this landscape is harsher than ever. With the advent of services like Soundcloud and...


Summer Songs

The Perfect Music For Enjoying A Summer Day
MadisonF, Staff Reporter May 17, 2019

That time of the year has come, the time where your Spotify has become empty from the past season's jams and is ready for a fresh spin. Well, you're in luck because the newspaper staff has put in their...

The Current State of America’s Favorite Boyband

Brockhampton's recent growing pains.
SarahW, Editor in Chief May 13, 2019

A few weeks ago, you could've found singer Kevin Abstract pacing on a treadmill in his hometown of Corpus Christi, TX for 10 hours straight, now, we find him questioning the creative and financial direction...

A Grammy award

The Grammy’s 2019 Goes Girl Power

61st Grammy's Award show is dominated by female talent
FiorellaP, Buisness Manager February 14, 2019

The Grammy Awards is a special ceremony held annually by the American National Academy of Recording Arts to celebrate and honor various talented artists in the record/entertainment Industry. This years...

Love Yourself : 結 Answer

the grande finale of the love yourself series
BrandonC, Managing Editor September 24, 2018

K-pop group, Bulletproof Boy Scouts, or Beyond The Scene (BTS), released the finale album of their trilogy series titled, “Love Yourself” on August 24, 2018. This album, called “LOVE YOURSELF : 結...

Love Yourself : 轉 Tear

bts releases new album and shatters international boundaries
BrandonC, Staff Reporter June 4, 2018

K-pop group, Beyond The Scene (BTS), released their most recent album on May 18th, 2018. “Love Yourself: 轉 Tear” is their third full album and is part of a trilogy series called “Love Yourself.”...

Review: Relaxer

Review: Relaxer

A look at Alt-Js third album
ColinH, Staff Reporter March 21, 2018

Many of you out there may or may not be familiar with the band ‘Alt-J’. They are an alternative/indie band out of the United Kingdom that many may associate with the song ‘Breezeblocks’. Anywho,...


Blue Madonna by BØRNS

January 2018 album, "Blue Madonna” by BØRNS
ColinH, Business Manager February 20, 2018

Garrett Borns, or as he is better known, BØRNS, has recently released his second full length album, “Blue Madonna.” He came into the spotlight in 2016 with his hit song “Electric Love” coming...

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