Not My President

The riots following Donald Trump’s win


As everyone is aware, the elections wrapped up just last week with the new President Elect being Donald Trump. The election results blew everyone away, and recently people have been taking to the streets in protest against the new republican president.
From loud cries and signs to property being burnt by rioters, people have gone to destructive measures to express their dislike for the new president.
The first major riots began in Portland Oregon, soon spreading along the country in various locations, including states that voted Trump. The riots have not included major bodily harm, but people have been seen running and hitting cars while shouting, setting the American flag on fire in the streets, and spray painting random property with hate for Trump.
Even in peaceful protests, people appear by the thousands, thus furthering the confusion for Trump’s win.
Some of the more peaceful protests include wearing safety pins to symbolize minorities against Trump, while others mainly have stormed the Trump Towers with signs depicting ugly insults or drawings.
The words ‘not my president’ have become known nationwide as the riots don’t seem to be letting up, people believe that there is reason to fear riots may not only increase, but become more intense and violent.
Protests promise to go on for quite a while, but there is no telling how long the people plan to fight they have been insulted by others for causing trouble and property damage. Despite this, many protesters promise sincerely that there is only more to come.
The election was mostly known for being one of the worst in the people’s opinion, and seemed to tear our country into two sides, Trump or Hillary . These protests show that people are ready and very willing to do whatever it takes to get Trump out of the office before he even gets in through the front door.