Sharing Valentine’s Day the Trevino Way

Senior Mario Trevino proves everyone deserves a little love on Valentine’s Day


Hannah Nicolaisen

Passing out flowers and spreading smiles.

On Valentine’s Day, a few reporters from the Crimson Connection went down to the cafeteria after hearing rumors about something happening during C lunch. After questioning Assistant Principal Allbritton, we soon found out one of the football players was planning a Valentine’s surprise, and that his stash was in  Allbritton’s office. We were anxiously waiting for our mysterious romantic when none other than varsity football captain Mario Trevino walked in. Immediately, he was surprised to see us there.

I really didn’t [intend] to be in the spotlight, or for any cameras to be there,” Trevino said. “It kind of caught me off guard.”

It turned out Trevino had brought flowers and Valentine cards to pass out to students in C Lunch.

“[The night before] I was flower shopping for my mom and while I was looking at roses, I saw these daisies,” Trevino said. “They reminded me [of these kids] who are always so happy and so bright, like the daisies, and I lit up.”

For Senior Mario Trevino, Valentine’s Day is more than just a day to bask in romance and cheesy chocolates.

“They’ve always supported us at the football games, and I remember the homecoming game when they were all on the sidelines cheering for us,” Trevino said. “It made me grateful because they supported us and I wanted to support them back [by giving] them Valentines to show that they are appreciated and loved.”

This act of random kindness is not out of the norm for Trevino, though. Cameron Beardmore, along with several others, took up on Twitter after hearing about Trevino’s Valentine’s Day surprise.

“The best thing about this is that this is how @mariotrevinoIII is everyday,” Beardmore tweeted, “always kind and giving, such a positive inspiration.”