The Blue Fence

How the construction of the food warehouse affects Cy Woods

The construction of the Cold Food Warehouse was started last spring break, but stalled because of flooding. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The construction of the “Cold Food” Warehouse was started last spring break, but stalled because of flooding. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

TeresaH, Staff Reporter

 At one point, the blue fence which stands on the edge of Robison Elementary’s playground raised eyebrows of students and teachers alike. However, now that the construction site has been around for four months and the word has spread that a warehouse is being built, the fence is disregarded and curious onlookers have disappeared. Cadence McShane Construction Company has had many building projects in Texas, from offices to police stations and now a “Cold Food Warehouse” for CFISD.

With more students and schools than ever, CFISD has turned to the construction of a warehouse to provide a food storage and distribution center to help feed Cy Fair’s 113,689 students, a third warehouse of it’s type for CFISD. The project had been enacted with the anticipated increase of students. The district is growing and new schools are yet to be built.

The food warehouse construction had been set to be completed this December but was stalled with the high amounts of rain that Cypress has had these past few months. However once the construction is finished, the surrounding schools of Robison Elementary, Spillane Middle School and Cy Woods High School will be directly affected. This new warehouse, meant to be a source for school lunches, will bring fresher food at a faster rate and help provide an abundant supply of lunches to Cy Fair schools.

The site is being put to question as parents and students of Robison, Spillane and Woods show concern in the increase in traffic that the new warehouse will bring. With trucks moving food around and employees coming in and out, an increase in cars is inevitable and to be expected. The location is convenient as it is already on property owned by CFISD, specifically adjacent to Robison Elementary. The warehouse will coordinate timing and organize a schedule that will correspond with the surrounding schools and their “rush hours”.

Although there are concerns regarding the increase in traffic, the possibility of higher quality food is reassuring to the parents and students of Spillane, Robison and Woods. Nonetheless, construction of this new warehouse signifies the continuing growth and development of the Cypress Fairbanks School District.