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New librarian, same traditions


The library within Cy Woods is an important place to many of the Wildcats. With a welcoming aura, the library is the first place many freshmen go to for help; it’s a place guaranteed to welcome students in and do their best to assist them.

The new librarian, Andy Skowronek knows how much the students care about the library, and she wants to assure the student body that she’s going to continue the tradition of putting in a 212 effort.

While it is important to the Wildcats, a lot of the energy within the library was attributed to the efforts of Terrie Schexnaider. Prior to her recent retirement, the former librarian always made sure to put that extra degree of effort into the library. She always tried her best to provide the students with a welcoming environment, in part by purchasing puzzles and activities for the students to do with friends.

“We’re gonna keep sticking with the different little activities that are on the tables,” Skowronek said, reassuring that she knows how important these activities are to the students.

She’s also been made aware of other things that frequenters find important as well. Many students have expressed to Skowronek which parts of the library they adore, and she assured the student body that she will continue the beloved traditions.

“They enjoy their lunch Book Club [and] the TeenBookCon field trip is another one that everybody said they really enjoyed,” Skowronek said.
This is comforting for many students who found themselves drawn to the library for the many things that Skowronek intends to keep.

“They not only had books at the library, but they had other stuff, like… they’d put out puzzles or… little clue things around the library that you could always have fun with,” Christina Bixby said.

As a sophomore at the Woods who was drawn to the library from the very beginning, she said it was more than just the books that made her feel welcomed.

“Originally I did homeschooling, so I wasn’t really around a lot of people during the two years that I was at home,” Bixby said. “So I was kind of antisocial and… I got really into books during that time.”

However, it was later the kind nature of the librarians and their efforts to put more than just books in the library that keep students coming back.

“I want them to feel very welcomed; Whoever the student is, whatever their background, it doesn’t matter,” Skowronek said. “I want them to know… that we’re happy to have them here, and we want them to come back.”

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