Meet the Wildthings

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Photo Provided by Candice Tecson

The Wildthings take a photo at the Cy Woods football game.


No one shows as much 212 spirit as the Wildthings. These 11 seniors show the most fight for Cy-Woods, and lead the student section day and night. The meaning that the Wildthings have to Cy-Woods is incomparable. Every freshman wants to be a Wildthing when they see them in their white overalls riding around the school in scooters.

“I’ve wanted to become a Wildthing ever since freshman year,” said Senior Wildthing Candice Tecson. “When I’d see them at the football games having the time of their lives throughout the whole night. I wanted to be a part of a group who loved their school as much as they did.”

The Wildthings are always around and you know one when you see them. Always wearing the craziest outfits and always going all out.

“My favorite thing about being a Wildthing is dressing up with crazy outfits for our dress-up days,” said Senior Wildthing Ashlyn Hales. “I always like to go out and everyone is in a great mood showing off their outfits.”

The Wildthings do a lot more than go to pep rallies and football games. They represent the school, and do anything they can to make the students at Woods feel like they’re at home.

“Most people would say that Wildthings are only there to run the flags during the football games, but it’s so much more than that,” said Senior Wildthing Max Malota. “Although we love hyping up the crowd, we also welcome new students and are people that students can look up to and strive to be like. We are always available for the administration to reach out to help with super random tasks. Whether it’s helping move a box for a teacher or giving a speech to the freshman, the Wildthings are ready at any moment to help serve the people around them.”

The captain of the Wildthings Jordyn Miller leads the Wildthings through all of their events. It’s taught her how to become a better person and shown her how to be a leader.

“It’s gotten me to meet new people and become a leader in a way I haven’t been before, and I wouldn’t change it for the world, I love being captain.”

One of the most important actions you have to show while being a Wildthing is being a leader to all the students around the school. Only 11 seniors out of every student gets to wear white overalls and run the Cy Woods flags across the school. 

“I love being an example to the rest of the students and seeing all of the underclassmen look up to us,” said Senior Wildthing Daniel Bailey. “Becoming a Wildthing was my biggest inspiration as an underclassmen, and now to see all the underclassmen looking up to us is just a really good feeling.”

There comes a lot when it comes to being a Wildthing, there are so many things to do, it’s hard to call one your favorite. 

“I don’t know if I can pick one thing as my favorite, all of it is so fun and trying out was the best decision I’ve ever made,” said Senior Wildthing Charlize Reid. “ My favorite part about it though is probably knowing the impact we have on others and just making peoples days brighter.”

The Wildthings are the hearts of the concrete jungles at the football games. They lead all the chants, and always make sure everyone at the game is involved and having a good time. 

“Going to the games with all the Wildthings is so fun and then to watch the stands pack up is a really good feeling,” said Senior Wildthing Elliot Bryan. “Vibing with all the students and doing dances with the drumline is the best thing to do at the game.”

 The Selfs’ are the Wildthing sponsors and choose the Wildthings at the end of every year when they hold tryouts. The Selfs’ always make sure that the Wildthings are doing the right thing, and that they always help others. 

“We do everything together, Before every game the Wildthings and the Selfs’ plan a team dinner before every game,” said Senior KD Bird. “We always hang out with each other and are always bonding. Sometimes on the weekends we go out to the lake and hang out.

Being a Wildthing is a freshman’s dream and brings all the students happiness and joy. Being around the Wildthings should take all your troubles away and they should allow you to have a good time.

“The Wildthings bring out my inner joy, once getting in that uniform, all my worries fade away,” said Senior Wildthing Montze Torrero. “A whole new chain of happiness is brought in and the jitters for game day are in.”

Being a Wildthing just brings you to be more involved with the school and once everyone sees how fun being a Wildthing is, they all want to have fun. Cy Woods spirit is everywhere and will always be brought out by the Wildthings. 

“I love being more a part of the school, going to the football games and being on the field, and having fun with my friends who are also Wildthings,” said Senior Erin Doyle. 

The Wildthings are ultimately a family, and all get along so well. They are all so welcoming and were chosen as the Wildthings for a reason.

“The Wildthing family is something that I cannot describe with words,” said Senior Wildthing Evan Bass. “It is the most wholesome and upbeat group that I have ever been a part of. Everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming and I am so grateful for to be a part of such an amazing group of people.”