City of Champions

The top city in all of professional sports

JD Martinez and Xander Bogaerts  celebrating

Photo Provided by: Keith Allison

JD Martinez and Xander Bogaerts celebrating

They are only a few US cities that have great teams for all of the major sports. There’s Houston, Los Angeles and then there’s Boston. Boston contains the Red Sox, the Patriots and the Celtics.

The Boston Red Sox are the most recent winners of the World Series, putting them on top of the baseball world.  With the combination of outfielder Mookie Betts who won the AL MVP award this season and also notched they top spot in MLB batting average with .346, and his teammate outfielder J.D Martinez who was first in RBI’s(Runs Batted In),second in home runs, only behind Khris Davis of the Oakland A’s and he also got second in MLB batting average, losing out to only his teammate Mookie Betts. They haven’t been the only two outstanding players for their team, their bullpen was a huge help in their success. Pitchers Chris Sale, David Price and Rick Porcello are just a few of their great pitchers. With this teams intimidating success, they have no chance of slowing down and they should be a great team in years to come.

The next team is the New England Patriots. They have had continued success for all of the 21st century. The combination of quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick have been unstoppable, and it has lead them to another Super Bowl. Statistically, this year this has been the worst supporting cast around Tom Brady in his entire career. Having a rookie at running back, an aging tight end in Rob Gronkowski and an undrafted wide receiver Chris Hogan and wider receiver Julian Edelman who is returning from an ACL tear. However, Brady has been able to maximize his players talents and win a playoff seed and two playoff wins over two great NFL teams in the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs. As long as Tom Brady is the lead at quarterback and Bill Belichick is in the earpiece, the Patriots will continue to have success and will be in Super Bowl contention every year.

Last team is the Boston Celtics. Different than the Red Sox and Patriots, the Celtics are a team that are becoming great. With young stars like forward Jayson Tatum, guard Jaylen Brown, and Terry Rozier, the Celtics will keep in title contention for years to come. Also with the master ball handler guard Kyrie Irving who has taken the role of leading the team on the court and outstanding head coach Brad Stevens who calls all the shots off the court, the Celtics have asserted their dominance and they have claimed themselves into being considered the “best” NBA team. Now with LeBron James out of the East, the Celtics are able to affirm themselves as the top team in the East with an almost guarantee at playing the Golden State Warriors for the title. With all this talent the Celtics have accumulated, they have established the city of Boston as the best city in all of professional sports.