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Saving lives through blood donations

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How can one save lives without military training, a medical degree or even finances? By donating blood with the Gulf Coast a person can save up to three lives in one sitting. Donated blood is donated straight to hospitals in the Gulf Coast region, going directly to trauma victims, surgery patients, premature babies, anemia and cancer patients and many more in need.

The whole process can be over in less than an hour. Check in and an employee will check your weight, height and blood, ask you a few questions, and have you take a quick quiz over your health history. Then after sitting down, your arm will be cleaned and the actual blood withdrawal will begin. Four-10 minutes later, when it ends, you will have to eat a snack, drink some water or juice and wait 15 minutes. Besides wearing an arm wrap over the small puncture in your arm for at least four hours,  having a large meal and getting some extra rest to avoid drowsiness the rest of that day, life will return to normal quickly- besides the fact that you just saved lives.

Saving lives could easily become a lifestyle. After their first donation, one can donate every 65 days, about every two months, saving at least 14 lives a year. Although the Gulf Coast comes to Cypress Woods once a year to accept donations from students 17 or older, anyone 16 or older, weighing 122 lbs, can donate at any location year round.

If you want to donate today, you can sign up for an appointment online or walk into a blood donation center. Make sure to stay in good health, drinking lots of fluids and eating a balanced diet.

To find more information about where and when you can donate go to .