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Hugh Jackman

BennettR, Staff Reporter

Let’s call this a reverse review. I am giving my final opinion early because that is how fantastic this film is. Logan is the greatest movie involving Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine which is increasingly appropriate considering it is Jackman’s last run for the character. While the quality of X-Men films has varied, Jackman’s acting and devotion to the character never faltered. Logan was dark and stout-hearted making theatrical choices that no one can question made the film distinctive and praiseworthy.

Firstly, let’s talk about how good the chemistry was in this movie. Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart have been working together for over 17 years. This comfort shows. It should be noted that after the success of Deadpool, it was much easier for Logan to obtain their R-rating and it made good use of it. Jackman was throwing profanity back and forth like comic book fans have come to expect from Wolverine but have lost out with PG 13 ratings. 

Even Charles Xavier had a few moments of vulgarity. It should be noted that this is a very different Charles Xavier then we have seen in previous films. While his kind nature still resides, he is also hardened by a lifetime of discrimination and pain. Some kind of disastrous event is alluded to throughout the movie. Whatever this was, it has obviously left a deep scar on Xavier and Stewart plays this damaged role perfectly, as viewers have come to expect. 

The last protagonist that will be noted is Laura or as she is affectionately called, X-23. This is a fan favorite character and it was very exciting to see her played on screen and so well. Dafne Keen’s acting chops transcend her age and play very well to the archetype of silent but deadly. 

And of course, the directing by James Mangold is phenomenal. I specifically loved the effect used for Professor X’s psychic attacks. The story was also very good while not ignoring what this movie was all about: saying goodbye to some of the best performance in comic book movie history.

In the end, Logan provides a fantastic send off for Jackman and Stewart while simultaneously jettisoning us into a new mutant age.