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Why you still need to mask up

ReganG April 5, 2021

Even though the mask mandate has been lifted in Texas, you should still wear your mask in public spaces. In case you have forgotten, we are still in the mists of a global pandemic that has taken countless...

Valentines Day: The Bad and the Ugly

Valentines Day: The Bad and the Ugly

Ryan Zach, Staff Reporter March 1, 2021

We all know the feeling. It’s the middle of February, it’s just starting to warm up, and candy costs twice as much as it should. That’s right, Valentine’s Day lingers closer and you haven’t done...

Lab rats being tested on in the LD50 test.

Harsh Reality of Animal Testing

Cruel and unjust truth
ReganG, Staff Reporter February 14, 2020

Imagine this: You are locked in a cold, metal cage all day, and when you finally get out, you go through many painful tests and experiments. You don’t have a voice to speak your opinions or rights. Humans...

The reporter's dog, Matthias, at the park on July 8, 2019. Matthias is purebred pit bull.

Don’t Bully my Breed

Dishing on pit bull stereotypes
ReganG, Staff Reporter October 23, 2019

I’m tired of people blaming and discriminating against “dangerous” dog breeds. In reality, it’s the breeder who should be blamed for dogs’ vicious or dangerous behavior.  As an owner of three...

Someone expressing their self-love

Self-Confidence in High Schools

Some simple steps to achieve confidence!
PaigeR, Photo Editor May 19, 2019

I’ve seen what low self-esteem can do to a teenager because one of my friends is still suffering from it. It can make you want to shut your emotions off to the world by being uncaring and hateful to...

Erin Andrews, a well known female sports broadcaster, delivers game stats at a Packers game

Gender Inequality in Sports Broadcasting

Women get discriminated in the sports field, and here a few examples of just how unnecessary it is.
ErinE, Online Editor April 8, 2019

Along with the limited amount of appearance time and the low level of pay, these women deal with extreme level of harassment on a daily basis. While, most cases have not involved sexual harassment, these...

A television


A review on the show Boomerang
JerahB, Staff Reporter March 24, 2019

There is a new show on BET called Boomerang. It is based from the movie Boomerang created by Eddie Murphy. The show follows the children of the characters in the movie. It starts off with a man, who is...

Laughing Snoopy graphic.

Best to Worst Laughs of 2018

2018's viral memes ranked from best to worst
FiorellaP, Business Manager March 8, 2019

I think we can all agree 2018 was an interesting year with some... interesting memes.Here are a few of last years biggest laughs rated from top to bottom:     1.“Change My Mind “ This...

A photo of a TV.

Being Grown-ish

A review on the spin-off show Grown-ish.
JerahB, Staff Reporter February 14, 2019

I know this review might seem a little late, but it is never too late to start watching some really good TV shows. One show that I would recommend to everyone is Grown-ish. This show is a spin-off from...

The Netflix logo

A Review for “YOU”

A review for the new Netflix hit.
JerahB, Staff Reporter January 25, 2019

The New hit on Netflix “YOU” is all anyone is talking about. Seriously EVERYONE is talking about it. The series is based off of the book by Caroline Kepnes. First off I will start with saying that...

A house decorated with Christmas lights.

Light up the Night

Why everyone should decorate their houses.
JerahB, Reporter December 18, 2018

It’s about to be that time of year: Christmas. The bells are ringing and all the lights are out on display. One thing that everyone should be focused on this Christmas is decorating their houses....

Drew Brees celebrating after a touchdown score

The Big “Easy”

The New Orleans Saints are an intimidating force in the NFL
JustinP, Staff Reporter December 5, 2018

This year has been spectacular for the New Orleans Saints. First in their division and second in the entire league. After starting the season 0-1, the Saints have been unstoppable. With Hall of Famer...

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