A review on the show Boomerang



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There is a new show on BET called Boomerang. It is based from the movie Boomerang created by Eddie Murphy. The show follows the children of the characters in the movie. It starts off with a man, who is the son of Jacqueline Boyer in the movie, and his name is Bryson. Bryson wants to step out of his mother’s shadow and start a name of his own. His best friend happens to be Simone Graham, who is the daughter of Marcus Graham (Eddie Murphy) and Angela (Halle Berry), and she also wants to break free from her parents and make something of herself. Bryson and Simone are the main characters, but there are also their friends Crystal, David, Ari, and Tia.


I really like this show because it can be funny and can give the viewer some really great laughs. I also like how the episodes are just 30 minutes long because you aren’t wasting a lot of time and I think an hour would just be too much. Some shows don’t need to be a whole hour. I also like the characters. Bryson is cool you can see him coming into himself and developing. Simone isn’t my favorite character, but she dresses really cute. Crystal seems like a great best friend to have and so does Tia. Overall the show is pretty appreciable . It’s still on season one, but I’m excited for the new episodes to come.


Now to what I don’t like about the show. The show is really good and I don’t have many bad things to say about it. One thing is that the show is based off the movie Boomerang, but there isn’t much connection between the two. The only connection that the show and the movie has is that the show follows the children of the characters in the movie. The characters didn’t need to be the children of the people in the movie. The show would be fine by itself without the connection to the movie. The characters could just have been children of random famous people. I think that a lot of viewers thought that the show would connect to the movie more, so people felt tricked.


I would say that people who like the shows Atlanta, Insecure, and Dear White People should look at Boomerang. The show deserves some recognition. The show just started, so you won’t be missing much.


New episodes of Boomerang show on BET every Tuesday at night.