The malfunctioning machines at McDonalds need to be addressed

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January 7, 2022


McDonald’s soft serve ice cream.

If you have ever been to McDonalds and gotten ice cream, you should consider yourself lucky. It has become a well known fact that at most McDonald’s locations, the ice cream machine has some type of problem with it. 


I have to say that driving up to the McDonalds window and being told that the machine is broken is one of the worst let-downs in history. Sometimes to end a rough day I will reward myself with creamy soft serve, but nine times out of ten I am unable to receive my reward because of faulty machinery.


Kayle Vealsquez has only been working at McDonalds for a month and so far the machine has already malfunctioned twice.


¨The machine is really sensitive, the buttons don’t always work, and sometimes it gets jammed,¨ said Vealsquez. ¨It’s frustrating because I can’t control the machine so it’s kind of out of my hands and I can’t do anything about it.¨


The makers of McDonalds ice cream machines need to be held accountable and it is reported that the Federal Trade Commission has decided to investigate the surplus of faulty ice cream machines. Hopefully the investigation will have a happy ending and the machines will be fixed and updated to work regularly.


A McDonald’s General Manager, Christopher Jerry, is tired of hearing complaints from aggravated customers that are unable to end their meal with something sweet.


¨I hate it when the machine breaks because the customers are really annoying when they complain,¨ said Jerry. ¨Once a lady got out of her car in the drive-through just to yell in my face.¨


The abuse of McDonald’s employees needs to stop because they cannot control the machine. The makers of the ice cream machines need to witness the horrible customers that employees have to deal with so they can understand why the machines need to be fixed.


In fact, the broken ice cream machine phenomenon has become so well-known that there is even a website showing which locations have a working machine and the percentage of broken machines in each city.


This issue needs to be solved before angry customers decide to jump the counter and fix the machine themselves. Without McDonalds ice cream, the world will become a much sadder place than it already is.