A Lesson in Humility and Dealing with Adversity

The remarkable story of Alabama QB, Jalen Hurts


Photo Provided By: Getty Images

Jalen Hurts celebrates after defeating the Georgia Bulldogs

One of the more remarkable stories of the year took place on Saturday when quarterback Jalen Hurts took over late in the game and lead the Alabama Crimson Tide to victory over the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship.

It was the highly anticipated rematch of last year’s College Football National Championship, during which Hurts was benched at halftime in favor of upcoming freshman Tua Tagovailoa who then lead the Tide to a comeback victory and the national title.

It seemed as though Hurts was done at Alabama, with seemingly no place for him now that the former number one dual threat quarterback recruit in the country was ready to take the helm for the Tide. In today’s age of the transfer (see former Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant), media pundits everywhere expected Hurts to move to another school for this season where he could start and continue to showcase his talent, but Hurts decision to stay at Alabama is a perfect example for us all in not giving up in the face of adversity.

Instead of sulking and complaining about losing the starting job, Hurts stayed at Alabama and remained supportive on the sidelines until his time would come again.

After a historically dominant regular season which has seen the Tide go undefeated, crushing every opponent, and one that has seen Tagovailoa become the front runner for the Heisman trophy, Hurts’ time finally arrived. In the second half of the SEC Championship game, Tagovailoa was forced to leave the game due to injury. Hurts calmly stepped in and lead the Tide on multiple touchdown drives to complete the comeback, all in the same building and against the same opponent that he was benched in last year’s title game.

Stories like this are what makes sports so great. A better script could not have been written by Hollywood itself, for it would’ve seemed too clique and unbelievable to be true, but it happened, and Hurts’ example of not quitting at the first sign of adversity is a lesson to us all.

So let us learn from Hurts and apply similar humility to our own lives. Although Hurts may not have a chance to lead the Tide to another national title with Tagovailoa likely returning from injury for the playoffs, he became a legend on Saturday and his story will be remembered as a shining example of how to respond when faced with adversity.