YouTube Red

An Opinion from a YouTube fan



I, as an avid YouTube user, find it very annoying that every time I open up the app one of the YouTubers I watch now has their own mini series that guess what, cost money.

YouTube Red is a fairly new edition to the YouTube community. Practically everyday a YouTuber will join in and add their own series that you can watch, if you pay the monthly fee of $10.

I am a student, who has to pay for things that are more important than a 10 minute video. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to see them. Besides, YouTubers make plenty of money from ad revenue, sponsoring products that they will never use, and publishing books that they probably didn’t write

Why turn a once free video streaming device into the complete opposite when you were doing just fine beforehand? I understand that people need to make money but they don’t have to throw it in our face every time we visit the site. I mean every time I click on a video it says “Get YouTube Red Now,” stop demanding me.

Many times, they will let you watch the first episode of a series for free. That is just cruel; teasing people like that and making them feel bad for not wanting to pay to see the rest of it. It is just one big cliffhanger that will last forever.

I miss the good ole’ days when YouTube was fun and nobody was worried about having to skip 3 minutes of the video you were watching to avoid hearing about the same shampoo you should go buy. We know that every YouTuber doesn’t conveniently use the same shampoo, just say it is an ad.

All in all, I see where YouTube is coming from and that a lot of people who are popular on it are just trying to make a living, but if you want a show so bad, go to Netflix and keep YouTube the same, just like we love it.