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The Shows Go On

The Shows Go On

MaddyP, Staff Reporter

September 14, 2016

This year’s production season is a big one for Cy Woods theatre company- and there are big things to expect. Theatre is producing a total of seven shows, eight if you include their annual participation in the UIL competition. The amount of shows is fitting to match the increased number of drama...

Stranger Things Hype

Stranger Things Hype

EmilyH, Staff Reporter

September 7, 2016

Social media is blowing up over one of the newest Netflix original shows, “Stranger Things”, by the truly talented Duffer Brothers. Its original and exciting story line keeps any audience on edge through every tension filled episode. This series is an 80s horror homage with an incredible ability to e...

Concerts to Watch for

A balloon drop at a Blue October concert.

HannahN, Staff Reporter

August 26, 2016

Over the summer there was an incredible lineup of artists and shows in the Houston area including Twenty One Pilots, Guns N’ Roses, Sublime, and many more. Even though school is back in session, concerts are still making their way to Houston for brief and glorious breaks in between the hours of school...

Take A Closer Look

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MiaL, Staff Reporter

June 29, 2016

For summer night owls who are staying up till five in the morning watching television, there has been buzz on the internet over new parody infomercials or videos airing on Adult Swim. This buzz was created by viewers of the late night Cartoon Network sending suspense, and mystery lovers on a hunt for...


Photo provided by: Flickr user Thomas Hawk

LeahT, Acting Managing Editor

April 28, 2016

While some visit far away places or Grandma’s during the summer, many of us just experience hot days of nothingness and rolling around on the floor while clicking the next button on Netflix. Besides going to a friend’s house or Whataburger for a Patty Melt, the place we visit most during these thre...

Discovery Green Music Festival

Discovery Green Music Festival

Leah T, Acting Managing Editor

March 30, 2016

This weekend at Discovery Green several musical artists have come together for an entirely free concert to open up March Madness. The artists range from Fall Out Boy to Kendrick Lamar. The concerts are completelyfree, meaning it is first come first served. Main Stage Friday, April 1st 4-10pm (in order...

The Voices of Cy Woods

BennettR, Staff Reporter

February 25, 2016

Good morning Wildcats this is Bennett Richardson with the Word of the Week at the Woods and I think it's time you get an inside scoop on the morning announcements. While I only go in once a week for the word, every Tuesday I get to watch the amazing work that our morning announcement team does. First o...

Alan Rickman: We’ll Miss You, Always.

Photo provided by Flickr User Juliane8759.

Jordan Miller, Managing Editor

January 18, 2016

On Thursday, January 14th the British actor Alan Rickman passed away from cancer at age 69. Most will remember Rickman as the iconic almost-hero in Harry Potter, but Rickman also left behind legacies in many other films such as Love, Actually and also Die Hard. Though Rickman will be known to most as an a...

50 Years of Sad Looking Christmas Trees

50 Years of Sad Looking Christmas Trees

KyleR, Staff Reporter

December 7, 2015

The Peanuts gang is celebrating 50 years since the original debut of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" on NBC (1965). Known for it's heartwarming scene where Linus tells us of the true meaning of Christmas and of all the shenanigans that go on while Charlie Brown tries to cheer himself up for the Christmas...

Horses Come To School

HaleyB, Staff Reporter

November 13, 2015

The Cy-Woods FFA met these beautiful horses on November 13. They learned about how to tell if a horse is dehydrated, what color the horse is and all about the hooves. The horses were very well behaved and the students learned a lot....

Horsing Around

HaleyB, Staff Reporter

October 21, 2015

One of the hardest thing about Halloween is deciding what to be, but when you're a 1200 pound animal, that's even harder. Here are some ideas for your equine friend: ...

Diving Under the Sea with Mulan

KiaraS, Staff Reporter

October 18, 2015

The weekend of October 15-17 the Cy Woods Theatre company performed the Little Mermaid jr. and Mulan jr. The show was fun for all; the audience was filled with people of all ages that were constantly laughing along. The jokes in the script were executed very well and had the audience laughing many times....

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