Book Review: The Third Woman

Review over Jonathan Freedland’s new book: The Third Woman

If you’re looking for a really good book and you’re into a mix of thriller and dystopia, The Third Woman by journalist Jonathan Freedland might be a good book for you. It’s a work of fiction, but it’s honestly a much more realistic kind of dystopian fiction than the Hunger Games or Divergent.

The book is set in a near future version of California, where the People’s Liberation Army of China has stationed themselves as a result of a treaty. The United States isn’t fully under Chinese control yet in the book, but the Chinese Army is there nonetheless. This is less of a main topic for most of the book, but simply a background figment. The book is definitely much more thriller than it is dystopian. Heck, the cover page even says “thriller”, and I am honestly most likely the first person to classify this book as dystopian.

The main character, Madison, is a journalist for the Los Angeles Times, and her sister surprisingly overdosed on heroin… or did she? The plot follows the path that she takes in order to uncover the truth about her sister’s death.

I can’t be too objective with how I feel about this book, as thrillers and dystopian books are my two favorite genres . It was a very good book, as there was always something happening in the plot line. Between the rigid relationship between Madison and her ex, and the restless vigilante detective she becomes, the book never has a dull moment. It starts out hot, and doesn’t really ever cool down, and that’s the kind of thing that I look for in a good book.

You can find the book at Barnes and Noble as I did, or you can purchase it on iBooks. It’s worth the read if you are the kind of person who enjoys a nice thriller novel.