The little sci-fi, historical drama that packs a major punch

The trailer for season one of "Timeless" from TV Promos.



Abigail Spencer plays the shows protagonist, history professor Lucy Preston.

“Timeless” is an NBC science fiction, historical drama which documents the travels of an unusual trio on a mission to stop a modern terrorist from altering history forever. The first season starts with the main villain, Garcia Flynn, stealing a time machine from Mason Industries, the company that built it. Fearing the power he wielded with the time machine, the Department of Homeland Security took over the operation and brought in three people to stop Flynn and preserve history: well-known history and anthropology professor Lucy Preston (played by Abigail Spencer), U.S. Army Delta Force Master Sargent Wyatt Logan (played by Matt Lanter) and the pilot and scientist Rufus Carlin (played by Malcom Barrett). This unlikely trio travels through history, chasing after Flynn, from the American Revolution to Watergate in an attempt to prevent him from altering history too much.

One of the shining points of this show is its consideration to the effects of time travel. Not only the major historical events are affected, the smallest of details are also changed with history. One of the greatest examples of this is Lucy’s fiance suddenly appearing after her first run in time travelling. Even though her fiance does not contribute much to the overall plot, it shows exactly how much could change with the simplest action in history. It forces the audience to consider how widespread their actions will affect the future.

Another significant high point for the show is its historical accuracy. With the show focusing on time travel, it was a necessity to get the facts right, and “Timeless” nails this in almost every way possible. They find ways to feature smaller figures in history, but still keep it accurate. In the episode “The Alamo,” Lucy insists on saving John Smith with the rest of the women and children because he would go on to become the first mayor of San Antonio. All of this is factually correct with Smith being the final solider to leave the fort with William Travis’ famous letter before it fell to the Mexican army. Once again, they call upon a different hidden figure in the episode “Space Race” where the trio enlists the help of mathematician Katherine Johnson, the same woman who was featured in the movie Hidden Figures.

However, NBC canceled the show shortly after the first season, but in a surprise reversal, the network renewed the show for a second season after a massive outcry after it was cut. Currently, season two is in the final stages of production with it airing on March 11. The first season can be found on several streaming companies such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.