A Prom Corsage (Sonny Abesamis)
A Prom Corsage

Sonny Abesamis

Prom On A Budget

Five ways To Save Money On The Big Night

March 8, 2019


  1. Get Ready With Friends- Many people do use a salon to get their makeup, nails and hair done. But a friend can be just as great and so much fun. If you commission a friend, you can still look great at little to no cost (plus, you can get ready with a group, jam out and make an event out of it).
  2. Alternate Mode of Transportation- While the limo/ party bus effect can add the glam cherry on top, the price tag is not so sweet. Carpooling with friends, or borrowing a friend’s nice car can make for so many more memories and meaning on the ride to the dance.
  3. Make your own corsages- DIY crafts never got so fancy! Handmade corsages, that have personalization tied on them is such a bonus too. Plus, you don’t need many supplies. You can run to your local hobby lobby and pick up some accessories and flowers to spice it up and complete your outfit- with your own, unique twist.
  4. Unique dress & tux shopping (thrifting)- Nice dresses from high quality stores are a guaranteed success. But who says you can’t have fun buying a simpler dress and dressing it up with your imagination and some accessories. Plus, thrift stores will often have vintage items that are sure to stand out in a classic and good way (and nobody else on the dance floor will be wearing it).
  5. Don’t pay for a photographer- While professional photos do look amazing, a mom in your group with a nice camera, or even the latest iPhone that belongs to one of your friends can do just the trick. A photo doesn’t have to look like it’s on the cover of Vogue to make lifelong memories for you and your friends. The general memories of any kind of photo are priceless.

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