Elevate the Date

Fun date ideas


Todd Carr

A ferris wheel at Kemah Boardwalk

The Houston Zoo

  • Looking at animals and walking around is something you can do to get to know a person better. Walking also makes for good conversation, and it is different than walking in just a park.

The Aquarium

  • The aquarium is very pretty. It has fish all around you and also has great food at their restaurant. They not only have that, but they also have a couple rides in the front of the aquarium which could be something cute to do together.


  • Bowling is a good way to have a relaxing date and get a little competitive. It is simple, but depending on where you go bowling, there is always music and who doesn’t love music. It is a good way to just have fun.

Roller Skating

  • Roller skating is a cute date, but be prepared to fall if you are not an expert. It makes for a fun date because you can laugh at each other if the other falls. It is also cute to just roller skate while holding hands together.

A Picnic

  • Having a picnic outside at the park on a fairly sunny, but a little windy, day is very nice. You can make your favorite food and get to know each other better. You can even stay late and star gaze when the time comes. It’s a good way to have a quiet date. Just zone the world out and be in the moment.

Showboat Drive-In Movie Theater

  • Movies are typically what people do on a first date. This just takes it to a new level. Instead of just sitting in a boring, old movie theater, sit in your car instead! There is food and you just tune the channel and hear the movie in the car. There won’t be the tall giraffes in front of you or the one person who has their brightness all the way up to ruin the movie.

The Kemah Boardwalk

  • Depending on how far you’re willing to travel, you can also go to the Kemah Boardwalk. It is in Galveston and has a lot of rides. It is good to go on a shady day because it has get brutally hot. You can experience the crazy rides together and enjoy each others’ company while screaming your heats out.

Escape Room

  • Going to an escape room can be fun. You are stuck in a room with your date trying to get out. With the clues you have, you can work together and try to figure out how to leave. This is a good bonding date. Though, only do this if you have the patience for it. This could be a first date kind of thing, but it would be better with someone you know a little better.