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Texas Primary

Governor Candidate Greg Abbott.

Sarah W, Acting Editor-In-Chief

February 23, 2018

Today, Friday, February 23rd is the Texas Primary. The ballet has over 80 races, including Governor, US Senator, Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor and many more. The ballot for US Senator includes candidates like Ted Cruz, former Republican Presidential Candidate, and current Texas US Senator...

Eight More Days of Speculation

Donald Trump Battles with CNN Senior White House Correspondant.

MatthewR, Social Media Editor

January 12, 2017

­ As of January 12th we are eight days from Donald Trump's inauguration as the 45th President of the United States. Two nights ago President Obama gave his farewell address and last night Donald Trump held a press conference where he addressed the nation about the state of his agenda and the minds...

Mapping Out The Election

Mapping Out The Election

HaleyB, Staff Reporter

November 7, 2016

November eighth. Election day.  There are 50 states with a total of 146,311,000 people registered to vote. The two candidates are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Anticipation rolls all over the United States to see who will win. According to CNN: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas,...

Early Voting Begins

A voting center set up for early voting.

KyleR, Business Manager

October 26, 2016

November 8th is finally approaching, and with it, early voting comes too. So far, this election has been a ride for voters across America, and now, voters are heading to the polls to cast their votes for presidents. Starting October 24, the American public is deciding once and for all who the next President...

Rocking the Vote

Rocking the Vote

JordanM, Editor-in-Chief

September 13, 2016

Taxation without representation is a policy that Americans were once vehemently opposed to, yet now they are doing it to their own people: 16-17 year old citizens. 16-year-olds can drive, work without limits on hours, live on their own and pay taxes. However, they can’t vote in local or nationwide...

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