Alumni into Artists

Catching up on the music Alumnis Peyton Howard and Jordan Lane have released.


Check out Jordan Lane's song The Witch

Once a wildcat, always a wildcat, and for these alumni, a love of music that started in high school has continued to grow past graduation. These graduates not only found their own style, but continue to find ways to create,  produce and advertise their music. From Peyton Howard’s poetry-esque raps supported by wicked beats to Jordan Lane’s alternative indie vibe that turns modern music into instant classics, these wildcats have been making their mark in the music industry one song at a time.

Jordan Lane, Cy Woods class of 2015 graduate, music has always been a passion, but he was not sure about his songwriting until he was more sure of himself.

“I’ve been writing off and on ever since I started playing guitar,” Lane said. “I never wrote anything I would consider good until I discovered what I wanted to get out of songwriting and what direction I wanted my music to head towards.”

For Peyton Howard, alumni from class of 2014, writing and producing his music became a passion after he stepped out of the woods.

“I didn’t start writing my own stuff until about halfway through my sophomore year in college,” Howard said. “I love making music, and the feeling I get from creating, releasing and hearing my songs. It is the best feeling I’ve ever had so I chase that feeling every time I make a record.”

Howard has been able to make his home into his musical domain.

“I produce, write, record, engineer and master all my music in my bedroom. I have a home studio that I’m constantly adding to and improving,” Howard said.

Alumni Jordan Lane, however, has a completely different style in his music and in his production.

“I view production as a very loose term.  I produce and make adjustments to my music throughout the entire process. This means I produce the music in my bedroom, outdoors, my home studio, and the recording studio.”

Once the music is made, having a strong platform plays a major role in ensuring success.

“I release all my music on Soundcloud,” Howard said. “I have one single on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music and I’m hoping to add more to these platforms as well, but SoundCloud is a great way to put free records out for people to listen to and to help grow my catalog so that’s my main outlet.”

Wherever it is released, their music to sweeps audiences into a range of emotion and passion.

“I just want to release music that I think people should hear,” Lane said. “I’m not trying to say that it’s the best music, because there is tons of music that is fantastic, but it’s music that I enjoy and that I believe has character to it.”

An overwhelming feeling of passion resonates in both artists’ music. From the pain of heartbreak to sway in a story, these graduates found a way to weave their own experiences into beautiful and powerful songs that anyone, wildcat or not, could easily catch themselves humming along with.

“The money and fame parts will follow as long as you make what you love,” Howard said, “so for me the thing I chase is that proud feeling when I know I made something that I really love.”


For a taste of these Jordan’s and Peyton’s music check out Jordan Lane’s new single “The Witch” on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play and check out Peyton Howard’s single “Pyro” on iTunes and Spotify.

Be on the lookout for new music for these up and coming wildcats!