The Impossible

A Review of a New Netflix Arrival


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Although it’s been out for quite a while, the movie “The Impossible” has finally been added to Netflix. When I first watched this movie a few years back it left quite the mark on me and I do not think I will ever forget it.

“The Impossible” is a captivating movie that follows a family on their vacation to Thailand. It portrays the true story of what happened when a giant tsunami hit Thailand and the effects it had on the family of five. It not only made me realize my fear of giant waves hitting land, but it also made me appreciate my family even more.

In the movie, when Thailand is suddenly struck by the tsunami, everyone is unprepared. It shows the terror on everyone’s face as the wave inches closer and closer. It was graphic when it came to the damage and injury the water caused as it showed one of the sons being thrown around under the water.

The family is soon separated. The mother and eldest son stay together, while the father and the two youngest sons find themselves on another part of the country. The mother receives harsh injuries due to the natural disaster and soon the two find themselves in a hospital. It shows the mother’s struggle for survival and the heartbreak the eldest son has to endure when he realizes the danger his mom is in.

The movie makes the audience realize just how important family is. In the end, the family is brought back together by willpower and the urge to see each other again. It has the ability to make watchers cry and want to sigh in relief. I recommend this movie to any movie watchers that like emotion and endurance. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and your heart pounding.