Isle of Dogs Review

is the movie any good?


When I first saw the interesting and somewhat unusual preview for the recent release Isle of Dogs, I found myself confused yet intrigued. As more advertisements found their way on to my Instagram feed and YouTube I began wanting to see the movie more and more. So, shortly after its release, my boyfriend and I very excitedly made our way down to the theater and finally saw it. Lets just say, it’s very original and I respect the uniqueness it brings to the table.

Well, first things first, it’s a movie centered around dogs. How much better can it get? The plot of the story is based on the concept that all dogs are banished to what is known as Trash Island, because they carry “the dog flu’. A 12 year old boy soon finds himself on to the island in search of his lost dog, Spots. A group of deserted dogs help him on his quest and take a liking to the child.

This movie shows how important and strong the relationship between a dog and his master can be. It emphasizes what dogs can bring to a person’s life and how they can impact someone. There are many scenes where I found myself wishing my dog was next to me in the theater so I could give him cuddles.

I also appreciate the soundtrack in the movie and the style of the movie as a whole. Along, with the plot, these added even more originality to the movie. I’m a big fan of Wes Anderson’s movies and he surely didn’t disappoint with this one. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves dogs and a refreshing film when it comes to the movie industry.