What College Claims the Title for Best College Football Stadium?

Digging into the details that make these 3 stadiums what they are.


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Kyle Field, Home of the 12th Man

College football stadiums are the heart and soul when it comes to college game days. Texas is lucky enough to be home to some of the best stadiums in the nation. Kyle Field, Royal Texas Memorial Stadium, and Jones AT&T Stadium are three of the best stadiums and can be identified by their capacity,  venue features and traditions; they can be differentiated by minute details that aren’t always noticed by outsiders.

The stadium with the least amount of amenities would be Jones AT&T Stadium, home to the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Jones AT&T Stadium clams the name of being  the 44th largest stadium in the nation with a capacity of 60,454 people. The Red Raiders have broken their capacity rate in 2013, when they played Oklahoma State and set an attendance record of 61,836 fans. The average amount of students that attend the games and sit in the designated student section is approximately 11,000 students per home game. The Sporting News, a website, said that Jones AT&T Stadium has one of the best home field advantages in college football. When it comes to what the Tech stadium has to offer, there’s not quite much. The stadium was built in 1947 and recently cost about $400,000 to renovate. The stadium features a 38′ tall by 100′ wide HD scoreboard, more than 150 TV’s, 47 suites, field turf and not much more other than just Red Raider fans. Traditions inside the gates include tossing tortillas in the air, throwing up the wreck ‘em hand symbol and the ringing of the Victory Bell’s during the last line of the Tech fight song. While Jones AT&T Stadium doesn’t have much to it, the stadium is still one of the best college football stadiums for  fans, especially in the state of Texas.

The stadium with the second most amount of amenities would be Royal Texas Memorial Stadium, home to the Longhorns of the University of Texas. Moving up the ranks of the largest stadium in the nation, you will find Royal Texas Memorial Stadium ranked at number eight. UT’s football stadium can hold 100,119 fans, but recently the Longhorns broke their attendance record in 2018 vs USC with a capacity of 103,507 fans. While Royal Texas Memorial Stadium has many fans, they also have a couple of cool features in the stadium as well. It offers a jumbo-tron measuring 7,370 square feet of video display, 52 suites, 25 different food selections and more that make game day at UT a good one. When it comes to tradition at UT, there’s a few things you need to know, how to sing ‘The Eyes of Texas’, how to throw up a Hook ‘Em and how to stand the whole time the game is being played. A few other key traditions that take place inside the the stadium would be the Stadium Stampede, which is when fans gather to welcome the football players, also Smokey, a cannon, is fired after every Texas score so be prepared and lastly the saying “Come early, be loud, stay late, wear orange,” comes to live at Royal Texas Memorial Stadium. This stadium creates a great atmosphere to experience a college football game and is definitely at the top when it comes to the best college football stadium.

The stadium that has the most amenities and is nationally famous, is Kyle Field, home of the 12th Man of Texas A&M University. Kyle Field ranks as the 4th largest stadium in the nation, out of all college stadiums or professional stadiums. The stadium was recently renovated in 2015, adding nearly 11,000 stadium seats. The total renovation took up about 36 acres of land and cost about $485 million. TAMU’s stadium has a maximum capacity of 102,733 fans, however the 12th Man broke the capacity rate by 8,000 in 2014 vs Ole Miss, with an attendance record of 110,631 fans. There are many features that are available to fans, from the smallest amenities to the largest. The Aggie stadium is home to the 4th largest video board in the nation, provides free WiFi for all fans, has 97 suites, 60 bathrooms, and more. Texas A&M is famous for the amount of traditions that take place inside Kyle Field. From yell leaders leading the 12th Man in yells during the whole game, to swaying in the stands to the Aggie War Hymn, to simply kissing your date after every touchdown, there is a countless amount of traditions, that create Kyle Field as one of the hardest stadiums for opposing teams to play in. Accounting the capacity of Kyle Field, the features and all of the traditions, Texas A&M’s stadiums is definitely at the top when it comes to the best college football stadium.

Every college football stadium has its own attributes that make them special. However, Kyle Field home of the 12th Man, is the place to be when it comes to game day. Mix together the amount of fans that are in attendance, all the amenities that it has to offer and of course the amount of Aggie traditions that take place, and you’re sure to have the time of your life inside the gates of Kyle Field. Take it from me, a girl who has grown up going to A&M games, there is nothing better than a Saturday night at Kyle Field, under the lights, surrounded by fellow Aggie’s, cheering on our boys in maroon and white.