A Bobsledding Bobcat

Cy-Fair alumni and Olympic bobsledder Sam McGuffie


CFISD Communication

Sam McGuffie speaks at a press conference.

Bobsledding, rugby, track and football, Cy-Fair alumni Sam McGuffie has participated in various sports and achieved various accomplishments since he graduated from high school 10 years ago. He played football in high school, ran track at Rice University, participated in the 2018 Winter Olympics on the USA bobsledding team and has just recently picked up rugby. Many people have helped him reach these points in his life and today with their support, he still aims to represent the USA at the Olympics once again.

McGuffie picked up bobsledding on a whim with the intent of eventually representing the USA at the Olympics. He now says he will do anything to reach the 2020 Beijing summer Olympic games, but this time in either rugby or track cycling. Having played rugby one year, several years ago, he played in the rugby championship against Japan following his return from Korea.

So far though, other people have been a large part of his career and personal life. In particular, McGuffie attributes the coaches and friends who often thought positive, rather than negative.

“Sometimes those people play an important role: like a release in a way because life is going to get hectic and life can be overwhelming at times,” McGuffie said. “And you’re going to need those people in your life to decompress.”

From elementary school, McGuffie has had friends, mentors, coaches and other ordinary people along the way who have supported him and his goals.

“[Zachariah Trunzo, one] guy I know from 18 until now, has been a mentor and friend who has been there for me when things weren’t always black and white and there was a lot of gray in my life,” Mcguffie said, “In gray I mean things you’re not sure of, things you don’t know which way you’re going. You don’t know if you’re going to make an “A” on a test in college, if you’re going to pass, if you’re going to be able to play next week. Money was tight, I was a broke college kid. There were always things like that and he was always there for me and he always had an answer.”

McGuffie has still kept tabs on Cy-Fair, donating backpacks to the school during Hurricane Harvey, going to see the school participate in the football state championship and receiving the support given by the school during his participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

“I am Cy-Fair High School through and through,” McGuffie said. “I can’t tell you enough, once you’re a bobcat, you’re always a bobcat.”

As a bobcat today, McGuffie can recount faculty at Cy-Fair who have influenced him. 

“Everyone that ever taught me and even some that didn’t, all played a part in [influencing me],” McGuffie said. “Coach Townley, his wife used to make me lunch for me when I was in high school. Sometimes [when] I wouldn’t eat, she would make me lunch.”

Currently, McGuffie is pursuing his Masters in Business Administration and is planning on doing business after he retires from his career in competitive sports. In the meantime, he will attempt to represent the USA at the Olympics once again. For the future of his career, he says, “who knows.”

In a broader sense, McGuffie says he wants simple things on his bucket list.

“[I want to see] life going in the right direction, seeing [my] loved ones doing well, maybe get married one day, have a successful marriage,” McGuffie said. “I just want to live a good life.”

From his experience in making sacrifices and devoting his life to sports, McGuffie has learned a definite fact.

“Hard work will always pay off. Sprinkle a little dream in there and maybe a little luck, and I’m sure great things will happen.”