Underground SoundCloud Artists

Four SoundCloud artists that deserve to be heard despite popularity.


Photo Credits: Trackrecord.net

SoundCloud aritst “Noname”in a recent interview for Trackrecord.net

SoundCloud, the app that made recording and sharing music easy for undercover or local artists, is bursting at its seams with underground talent. These artists are often overlooked by large branded artists that receive radio air time, but their talent is still undeniable. Here are four SoundCloud artists that everyone should listen to.

  1. Quez: This SoundCloud artist has recently released his second project entitled “Nothing Is Original,” receiving a lot of attention from the app’s listeners. Quez’s style is similar to Chance the Rapper’s, but utilizes all of the music similar to how Kanye West does. His most popular song on his SoundCloud is Nostalgia, which has over 125,000 plays. The song’s unique beat and purposefully repetitive lyrics make it unique from other artists.
  2. Noname: With just over 80,000 SoundCloud followers, Noname has made a musical statement within the application. Incorporating chilled beats with a monotone, simple voice, make her tracks very unique. In one of her most popular songs entitled “Forever,” she manages to follow an intense rhyming pattern while still maintaining the laid back feel of the song and beat.
  3. Eden: One of the more known SoundCloud artists, Eden has released some very successful music. In his song “Rock and Roll,” he is useful of the guitar while style incorporating a catchy beat, and his soulful vocals on top adds to the addictiveness of the song. In another one of his songs, entitled “And,” he switches styles completely. Going from an upbeat, catchy song, to a soft, mellow beat that drags attention to his astonishing vocals. Eden is an artist that can appeal to almost anyone, and has a potential future within the music industry.
  4. Blackbear: Although not very underground anymore, Blackbear releases most of his music on SoundCloud and has been doing so for several years. His vocals are truly admirable, and he is able to transform any problems that he has faced in his life into music that almost anyone can enjoy. As his popularity grows he has started collaborating with big name artists such as G-Eazy, hopefully meaning that Blackbear will have songs on the radio in a short time.