Family Games for the Holidays

Top three games for the family


Credit: Peter Griffin

As Thanksgiving break inches closer, students grow restless for their week off. For some, Thanksgiving is a time for re-connecting with family and friends, but for others Thanksgiving break is a restart. Family and distraction from school merge into one with some family-friendly games.

Although Twister is not a traditional board game, it is straightforward and fun to play. This multi-player game is great for a family get-together and can be found in the nearest Target or Walmart for a low price. There is no limit to how many players can participate in Twister, so that makes this engaging game perfect to be played with family or friends.

There is nothing like a murder mystery board game to get everyone in the spirit. Clue is a simple and thrilling game with a climactic reveal. This board game requires at least three players and has a maximum of six players, making it ideal for a bored group on Thanksgiving break. The objective of Clue is to uncover the murderer of Mr. Boddy, the room which it took place in and the murder weapon through the process of deduction. Although Clue is a relatively long game to play (about 60 minutes), this game is ideal for those who enjoy a good mystery.

Be careful who you play Uno with, this card game has the ability to end  friendships. A simple and portable multi-player game, Uno is great for a laugh. Entirely luck-based, this game is unpredictable. The goal is to get rid of all of your cards first which is an uncomplicated objective but can be an amusing and facile journey to victory or a frustrating loop. The gaming time range varies, but even with its irregularity, this is the go-to game for both competitive and passive players.

These well-known games are easy to understand and suitable for large groups, making family time during the Thanksgiving holiday a little more interesting.