Social Spotlight

The life of sophomore class president Shea Ellis


Jennifer Reese

Sophomore Shea Ellis stands in pregame lines at the varsity football game against Tomball-Memorial on September 13, 2019.

School, student council meetings, three hour drill team practices, and homework, is a normal weekday for Sophomore Shea Ellis. While jam-packed days and afterschool activities might seem like a lot to many students, to Ellis it’s just an ordinary day.

Ellis takes on many roles inside and outside of school. She is Sophomore class president, a Crimson Cadette, President of Wildcats for Cy-Hope, and an active member of the Spanish National Honor Society.

“It’s fun to be that involved and get to know so many different people. There is always something new I can be doing each day to help or get to know others,” said Ellis.

Although Ellis enjoys her involvement, sometimes it can become overwhelming.

“It is really hard to balance everything with time and how much commitment you give to each project,” said Ellis.

With so much on her plate, sometimes Ellis finds herself struggling to get all of her priorities accomplished. 

“Sometimes it’s very frustrating. There is always the occasional breakdown, but I try to set aside time for each activity I’m involved in,” said Ellis.

Being class president, Ellis takes on the huge responsibility with professionalism and flexibility.

“I attend all student council meetings, and I go to executive meetings every other week. Throughout that I have joined all the committees that I can join, and I have meetings for those after school. I communicate with our sponsors all the time,” said Ellis.

Not only is she president, but her role serves as a platform for students’ voices to be heard.

“I listen to my class and if anyone has a serious concern or issues that they bring up, then I’ll always take it back to our sponsors and say, ‘What can we do about this?’ We look for how we can change a negative into a positive,” said Ellis.

As a new member on the Cy-Woods drill team, she is excited for the future and for all of the memories she will make.

“I can already tell that [Crimson Cadettes] is going to be something I’ll look back at as my high school experience. Everyone on the team is super encouraging and sweet to each other,” said Ellis.

Although Ellis has many responsibilities she still makes time for other high school related events.

“I still go to the student events like games or other activities when I have extra time,” said Ellis.

Being so involved and knowing so many different people has changed Ellis for the better.

“I get to meet so many different people, and make new friends with everyone. They all share different attributes with me. They all shape who I am as a person. I learn how other people learn and what they need to be successful, so I know how I can help them. Same goes for me because all those people are helping me in return,” said Ellis.