The Patriots Finally Fall…To a Backup

Ryan Tannehill leads the Titans through the Patriots and six time Super Bowl winner

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Ryan Tannehill calls an audible to his offense

After taking Marcus Mariota’s starting position as quarterback and being dropped from the team that he had been with since his rookie year, Ryan Tannehill was ready to pick up the ball again and start winning games. Everyone thought Tannehill would ruin the rest of the season for the Tennessee Titans, but little did they know that Tannehill was all they needed to be successful. The team was mostly carried by 6’3” running back, Derrick Henry, but Tannehill took some of that weight off of his shoulders. 

Soon enough, after Tannehill became a starter, the Titans were in the hunt to be in the playoff competition. Following week 17 of the NFL, the Titans secured the Wild Card spot in the playoffs.  After finding out that the Titans were playing the Patriots, the hopes for the Titans to make it to at least the second round were over. 

It was an ugly game, drizzling the whole time. Both teams were scared of dropping the ball. For the majority of the game it was close, only being a one possession game the whole time. No one expected it to be this close. By the start of the fourth quarter it was only 14-13 and the Patriots were falling. Maybe Tom Brady could’ve pulled a late comeback, but the defense couldn’t take the ball away from Tannehill and his offense. The Titans finally got stopped with 15 seconds left, making them punt it to the Patriots. With that being said, they downed the punt in the Patriots own one yard line making them drive 99 yards with only nine seconds on the clock. At this point a lot of people knew the game was over for the Patriots and that Tannehill, and the team that he’s only been starting with for 10 weeks, was advancing to the divisional round.

Maybe Tannehill and his Titans can shock the world again as they take on the number one team in the league, the Baltimore Ravens. The game takes place on Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020 at M&T Bank Stadium.