The Madden Curse

Who’s next in line?

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Tom Brady on the cover of Madden, an American football video game.

Injuries are associated with many players when it comes to the NFL, but there are a certain group of athletes who get hurt from something they can’t stop. Madden is a video game over the NFL allowing people to play as their favorite teams. Players who do an excellent job from the previous year can be placed on the cover of Madden for the next game that comes out. However, being the cover of this game isn’t always the best of luck when it comes to their career. This is the Madden Curse.

The first ever player to receive the curse was Eddie George. George was coming off one of his best years. He rushed for 1,500 yards and scored many touchdowns. He then received the title as a player to be on the cover of Madden. This was the first time the Madden curse struck. The next year George made the the Tennessee Titans lose in the playoffs after fumbling, and he never averaged more than 3.4 yards again. 

The Madden curse is known to be the death of an athletes career or the reason for a setback in an athlete’s season. Patrick Mahomes was chosen to be the cover of Madden 20 after winning the Most Valuable Player award last year. After losing two games straight, Mahomes dislocated his patella. There have been many superstars who have suffered from the Madden curse.

The only player known to pass by the curse is six time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. After making it to the Super Bowl four out of the last five years, Brady is the only one who has skipped the curse.

Some people may not believe it, but what’s their excuse? There is no other explanation for this to happen to these players the year they get chosen for Madden. As the season goes on, we’ll see who shines and who is also next in line.