Swing for the Fences

Cy Woods baseball team helps disabled kids from The Miracle League

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Louisville Miracle League

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On Sept. 28, the Cy Woods baseball team spent the Saturday hitting balls, and playing with kids from the Miracle League at Langham Creek Family YMCA. The Miracle League allows children with physical and mental disabilities, who usually have to stay off the field, to have their time to shine with their very own buddy next to them. The Miracle League allows these kids to feel just like any other athlete and lets them know how it feels to play on a team.

Cypress Woods baseball coach, Oran Pridgeon, tried a few times to set up an arrangement with the YMCA. After not being able to go for almost four years, Pridgeon and his players finally got a chance to go this year.

“This is something that we did my first year at here at Cy Woods and we have tried to go back, but we finally worked it out this year,” Pridegeon said.

The team was there to encourage the kids and ensure they were happy and having a good time.

“The players are there as buddies for kids with special needs.” Pridgeon said. “They are there to help out with any baseball functions that the kids need help with. They will be out in the field with them, in the dugout with them, help them hit, run the bases and cheer them on.” 

Sophomore Carson Lorch was one of the players there helping out the kids. Lorch is an experienced player and has been playing since he was young.

I got into baseball with the help of my dad when I was about three or four.” Lorch said. “He took me to a game and I’ve loved [baseball] ever since.”  

This was Lorch’s first time helping out the kids from the Miracle League. Lorch had never done anything like this and finally got the chance to as a Wildcat. There Lorch was paired with a buddy and helped him have the time of his life.

“I wanted to help [the kids] because I’ve never done anything like it before. It just seemed fun and a nice thing to do,” Lorch said. 

After hitting home runs and stealing bases, the baseball team was fortunate enough to send all their buddies home with a smile on their faces, and Lorch went home with a very important lesson that he learned while helping throughout the day.

“Helping the kids made me [feel] really happy and good about myself.” Lorch said. “Seeing those smiles on the kids’ faces just made me want to smile. It turned out to be very successful and enjoyable. I learned that you can never underestimate what you have and [that I should] always be thankful for what I can do everyday.” 

As the Wildcats are practicing for their season opener against Bridgeland on Tuesday, March 24, they will also be preparing to go back and see their buddies the next chance they get.