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The Wildcat Den

Student teachers, Desiree Diaz and Madison Webb interact with preschooler, Eliza, on Disney Character Day.

ErinE, Editor-in-Chief

January 23, 2020

As classes fill with a few thousand students, ages ranging from about 14 to 18, there is a smaller group of students, just a bit younger, that help make up our campus. These 23 young students are preschoolers, age either three or four, that come to our school to start their education.  These pre...

Studying Tips and Tricks

Coffee and books being used to make studying comfortable.

ReganG, Staff Reporter

December 4, 2019

Here at the Woods we are blessed with great courses and curriculum. In order to succeed in school it takes an extra effort. However, studying may not be the most pleasurable activity, but it is the golden ticket to good grades. Here are some tips to set yourself up for success: 1.Find the right wo...

So You Wanna Be a Star?

The cast of Junie B. Jones performs

MackenseyD, Online Editor

November 1, 2019

Growing up, did you spend hours in front of your television watching High School Musical? Did you dress up as Gabriella or Troy for Halloween and put on one man versions of “Stick to the Status Quo” for your family? Were Disney movies your go to movie to watch with friends? Did you ever dream of ...

Under Pressure

A work space being used for studying.

CarolineS, Online Editor

February 20, 2019

Most of the time, parents only want what's best for their children. But sometimes, their intentions don't come across in the most ideal way. Before the parents know what's happening, they've put too many unrealistic, academic expectations on their children. These unreasonable goals affect kids more negatively...

Where We Stand

Cy Woods High School

KiaraS, Co-Editor-in-Chief

February 9, 2018

Education proficiency in America has always been a standard measure of quality of schools. Each year states, districts and schools are examined and ranked by their different levels of achievement, proficiency, safety and other important factors. USA Today reported the results of the 2018 edition of...

The Homeschooling Dilemma

A home-schooled family
(Credit: IowaPolitics)

TeresaH, Staff Reporter

November 17, 2016

Homeschooling is a nice idea, it really is, great on paper, but it is not entirely practical. I see how homeschooling can appeal to parents who wish to become more involved in their child's education, who wish to take their children out of a "negative" environment that school is and who wish to stray...

2016 Dress Up days

Spirit days for the 2016 football season.

BennettR, Staff Reporter

August 25, 2016

Anyone who has stepped foot in Cy Woods knows that it is a place of immense pride and a dedicated student body. This is ever apparent in our theme days! So, from the list above, don't shy away from anything. This is the time to strut your stuff, and show the student body your school spirit!...

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