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Local Fashionistas

Local Fashionistas

FiorellaP, Staff Reporter

October 11, 2018

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Waking up at 6 a.m. and still managing to look fresh is seemingly impossible for most students. However, when it comes to junior Collin Bass and senior Jane Stovall, it is a piece of cake.     Collin Bass: How would you describe your style ? “I would describe my style as cl...

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

FallanW, Staff Reporter

February 17, 2017

Filed under Entertainment

This week is the 2017 NYFW (New York Fashion Week) where top designers such as Micheal Kors Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and brands such as Coach and Calvin Klein broadcast their latest and newest Fall/Winter styles for 2017. New York Fashion Week is a series of annual events and runways that are held in...

Truth About Fast Fashion

Truth About Fast Fashion

SarahW, Staff Reporter

October 5, 2016

Filed under Opinions

Imagine working 14 hour shifts and taking home less than $5 a day. Imagine spending hours making clothes for people in other countries but not having any clothes for you to wear. These are just some of the many struggles that garment workers face daily due to the fast fashion industry’s unethical ...

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