The Current State of America’s Favorite Boyband

Brockhampton’s recent growing pains.

A few weeks ago, you could’ve found singer Kevin Abstract pacing on a treadmill in his hometown of Corpus Christi, TX for 10 hours straight, now, we find him questioning the creative and financial direction of Brockhampton. With all of this media attention, fans have started to question what the current state of the boyband really is.

Last year, the 13-member rap collective Brockhampton signed a deal worth $15 million with RCA Records. After four studio albums, the band seems to have a steady stride and loyal fanbase, however, after personnel changes and a few growing pains, the state of the band is up in the air.

Band member Kevin Abstract recently released a solo album titled ‘ARIZONA BABY’ where he finally talked about having to kick out former member Ameer Vann after sexual assault allegations, and Abstract has also spoken on the reality of the lucrative record deal.

He uploaded a sound memo on Reddit saying:

“I’m currently living my Lauryn Hill moment. She made one of the greatest pieces of music and it seems so unattainable from other people. It’s like she caught magic…Whatever happened to Lauryn Hill after Miseducation put her in a place where she no longer wanted to make music…it kind of sent her to hell in a way.”

(the voice memo has since been deleted)

Many fans never expected Brockhampton to sign with a record label since they have such free spirits and have a history of making music rapidly and releasing it whenever they want to. That’s why when fans heard about how Abstract really felt towards the deal, they were upset but not surprised. Although Abstract has released a ton of solo music in the past months, he went to Twitter to assuage the rumors, saying:

“Brockhampton is not breaking up… We just not spending 10 days on albums no more.”