“These Things Happen Too”, and they happened well

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All gas no breaks
January 5, 2022

G-Eazy put out his seventh studio album last week and Eazy’s fans can rejoice. It sparks back memories of what Eazy used to be in his glory days before everything went downhill. Naming the album “These things happen too” after his first album “These things happen”, which is by far the best album I’ve ever heard, sparks some thinking. Some might think Eazy doesn’t have the brain capacity to have deeper meanings in his songs but if you listen to it, they’re evident all across the album. Those deeper meanings matched with all the old G-Eazy beats feel like the old G-Eazy is back.


When G-Eazy put out his album in 2020, “Everything’s Strange Here”, it was a letdown. It was terrible singing with so much autotune and I could barely even tell it was Eazy singing. But with the comeback album, Eazy has redeemed himself. The rapping beats remind his fans of the prime 2014 Eazy. Rapping is his MO and it’s great to see him back at it. Not only did he successfully come back with his original rapping, but he also came back with his lighter lyrics as well. In the original “These Things Happen” album, the back half of the album is a couple of songs where Eazy would have feature artists to sing the softer parts and he would combat that with raps over the soft beats with a softer topic. Speaking of features, the top features on the album,  Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla $ign and YG all killed their parts on their respective songs.


When people think of Eazy they don’t really think of a person to write deeper songs. Not necessarily deep lines, just songs in general. But he completely did the opposite of that with this album. In one of the last tracks “Time”, Eazy separates the song into a memorial of two people. The first half is about his mom’s long-time deceased girlfriend where he basically is talking to her explaining everything that she’s missed and he somehow successfully rolls that into talking about late rapper Mac Miller. In Mac’s verse, he talks about his past with Mac and it’s really just unlike anything Eazy has written before and it’s really just genuinely impressive. The album’s outro track “Gerald” is another deeper song where he essentially talks to himself and is just questioning everything about him, asking himself if he is the same Eazy he used to be. It’s just way more of a lyrical song than you’d ever expect out of him.


Everything about this album was just G-Eazy paying homage to the old album. Starting off with the name, it’s a tribute to one of the best albums again that I’ve ever heard. Before the album dropped, my suspicion for the album was that he was just going to remake every song and I believed he would ruin it. Lucky for me and all the fans, there were only three songs that were recreated. “Me, Myself and I” turned into “I, Me and Myself”, “Tumblr Girls” turned into “Running Wild (Tumblr Girls 2)”, and the intro track that had the names of the album were also recreated. The intro tracks were both just awful but that doesn’t set any tone for the rest of either album. Eazy also found ways to incorporate lines in the original album put into the second one. Such as the ending line in the song “When You’re Gone” where he says, “Cause I know these songs will beat longer than my heart will,” when he also repeats it in the outro track in the original album “Just Believe”. Within the songs, Eazy also brought back E-40 and Devon Baldwin to feature on his new album and they both had parts on the top songs in the original album.


G-Eazy really redeemed himself for the last couple of attempts at a song that he put out. “These Things Happened Too” was everything his entire fanbase wanted and more. Eazy came out swinging and it was an absolute home run. Good job Gerald, your fans appreciate it.