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Challenge Accepted

A photo of runners in a half marathon

SaraZ, Staff Reporter

February 15, 2019

After no longer playing basketball, senior Diane Hernandez has found something else to keep herself active. She will be running the Vintage Park half marathon on April 14, 2019. The marathon is 13.1 miles long, Although there is no special prize at the end, Hernandez wanted to prove her parents wro...

Living with a Disability

Thomas Avery(LEFT) and Andrew Avery(RIGHT) smiling for their picture

JustinP, Staff Reporter

January 15, 2019

They were born with this disability. They did not choose this, and now, it is part of their lives forever. Brothers Thomas and Andrew Avery live with the disability known as Tourettes. According to a study from the Mayo Clinic, Tourette Syndrome (TS) involves uncontrollable repetitive movements or...

Here’s the Hook

An actual fish hook

AaronB, Staff Reporter

January 10, 2019

The fishing team educates students on fishing in a variety of ways which includes fishing at competitions or practicing for those competitions. The club is one of the most popular at the school, drawing a wide variety of members all with one thing in common: their love of fishing. “The fishing t...

Not Your Average Sportz Team

A laughing emoji to show this story isn't about your everyday sports.

KaitlynO, Staff Reporter

January 10, 2019

The Cypress Woods Theatre Company is in full swing this year with the many productions they have planned for the school year. Along with all of that, some of the theatre arts students are also involved in our Comedy Sportz team, which is different than their productions. “ComedySportz is an improv team where we p...

A Foreign World

Mori spending time with kids  in Peru.

SaraZ, Staff reporter

January 10, 2019

Most people travel to see the scenery and take the cute pictures, while others travel because they want to experience something new and some travel for love or food, but for senior Matthew Mori and junior Mckenna Lee had something different in mind. Both students traveled this summer to learn Spanish. A...

Mums for Life

Wildcat students pose for a picture with their donated mums and garters

ErinE, Online Editor

December 17, 2018

Oct. 4, 2018- A special Cy Woods tradition took place during the week of homecoming. Multiple Wildcat students had the opportunity of donating mums and garters to the LIFE Skills and Carlton students as a part of Mums for LIFE. This beloved tradition was started back in 2014 by Wildcat alumnus Cameron ...

The More You Know

Heather Palasota in her office.

CarolineS, Online Editor

December 7, 2018

For most people, the phrase “I wish I had known…” pops into their mind when thinking about their high school years. During high school, there are so many things that could be beneficial to have in mind when making important decisions. Two high school counselors sat down to answer questions about ...

QandA with our National Merit Semi-Finalists

Eileen Lee and Sam Torres pose for a picture in-front of the National Merit wall

ErinE, Online Editor

November 30, 2018

Eileen Lee:   How does it feel to say that you are one of only two students at our school to be a semi-finalist? “I’m so surprised that I made it because I know that the cut off for Texas is pretty high. I’m just really happy about it.”   What did it take to becom...

Mums for Life Photos

Wildcat students pose for a picture with their donated mums and garters

ErinE, Online Editor

October 5, 2018


Mori For Glory

2018-2019 Senior Class President Matthew Mori [fourth to right] stands with his friends and campaign shirts labeled

AbigailH, Staff Reporter

September 5, 2018

Senior Class President Matthew Mori has various ideas for Cypress Woods this 2019-2020 school year. He campaigned extensively for his position in April of 2018 and now, from new school dances to sanitation and recycling, he is ready to lobby for change. “One thing I’m really look forward to do...

Live, Love, Create

Live, Love, Create

Savannah Hornsby, Staff Reporter

August 4, 2018

The room is silent. The only sound is the sound of fingers gliding across keyboards as thoughts and ideas are woven into plots and stories as worlds come to life. This is creative writing. Creative writing is an elective class that can be taken as a sophomore, junior or senior. The curriculum for...

Meet the WildThings

The student section from the Woods v Ranch game

SarahW, Editor-in-Chief

June 28, 2018

Lilie Roberts Why did you want to be a WildThing? I want to be a WildThing because I remember when I was little the WildThings were what made me love this school so much. Now that I have the opportunity to be one I can’t wait to show my love and spirit for the school and share our legacy with oth...

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