Mums for Life

Wildcat students donate mums and garters for Life Skills and Carlton Center students

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February 24, 2020

Wildcat students pose for a picture with their donated mums and garters

Oct. 4, 2018- A special Cy Woods tradition took place during the week of homecoming. Multiple Wildcat students had the opportunity of donating mums and garters to the LIFE Skills and Carlton students as a part of Mums for LIFE.

This beloved tradition was started back in 2014 by Wildcat alumnus Cameron Beardmore, but was the passed down to senior Bailey Peschel once Beardmore graduated. The intention of Mums for LIFE is to give back to these students by donating a mum or garter, allowing them to participate in wearing their mum or garter the following day, just like the majority of students.

“This year, 68 total mums and garters were given to Life Skills and Carlton Center students,” Peschel, the chair of Mums for LIFE, said.

Due to the fact that so many mums and garters were donated, it was no easy task to get this event organized. Peschel was in charge, and was responsible for all of the little things from the start to the end.

Organizing Mums for LIFE does take time and diligence, as I am responsible for making sure every person gets a mum, fixing the mums, transporting the mums and making sure the delivery day runs smoothly,” Peschel said.

When sixth period rolled around, it was finally time for Wildcat students to get together and go meet their LIFE Skills partners. Wildcat students made their way down to the LIFE Skills hallway and went to the respective classroom that their partner was in.

I was filled with so much joy when I was able to give out my mum and garter to my partners,” junior Abby Fry said. “The smile on Allison, my partner’s, face filled my heart with so much happiness.”

Students spent all of sixth period with the LIFE Skills students. Between talking about homecoming, taking pictures and just engaging with the kids, students left those classrooms feeling more grateful than ever.

Being able to deliver the mum to your partner is the best part,” Peschel said. “The experience is so special, and I think it is something every high schooler should be able to experience. The kids are all so grateful and loving, so to be able to give back to them feels phenomenal.”

When sixth period came to an end, the students made their way over to the Carlton Center to distribute more mums and garters during seventh period.

At the Carlton Center, things ran a bit differently than they did with the LIFE Skills students. Cy Woods cheerleaders also made the trip over to Carlton and helped put on a pep rally for the Carlton students.

“It was so special to see all of the kids enjoying themselves and dancing along,” varsity cheerleader Isabella Silveira said. “I’m so happy that we got to experience a pep rally at the Carlton center because it was so inspiring seeing all of the kids burst with joy during our chants.”

When the cheerleaders finished their cheers, it was time for the students to give their partner their mum or garter. The principal of the Carlton Center stood up front on stage and would call each Carlton student’s name, and then they would run up to the front and finally get to put their mum or garter on.

Giving my garter was so fun,” junior Cami Bird said. “It was so special to see the looks on all their faces when they received them and how happy it made them. Being able to experience their genuine happiness when receiving a mum leaves you with an indescribable feeling.”

Mums for LIFE is not just about giving mums and garters to these students for homecoming week. It is also about building personal relationships between two people. Another intention of Mums for LIFE is being able to connect LIFE Skills students with Wildcat students and continuing that bond for quite some time.

“Every day walking into lunch, I see Pilar and Katie, two life skills students, who greet me with a huge smile and hug,” Peschel said. “I think that shows that doing nice things for other people has a lasting impact, and I think that everyone can learn from the Life Skills kids’ happiness, positivity and gratefulness.”

Mums for LIFE allows Cy Woods students to connect and give back with Carlton and LIFE Skills students. This tradition at Cy Woods is one of a kind and brings joy to so many students on campus.