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Was It scary?


KaylaP, Co Copy Editor

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Like most people, on the opening night of the new movie based on Stephen King’s novel, It, I got a group of friends together and made my way to the closest theater in anticipation. Unlike others, I went in blindly. I have not read the novel nor seen the original film with the same name that came out in 1990. I never had and didn’t plan on being afraid of clowns solely because a movie was based on a killer one.

I took my seat next to my friends and waited for the movie to begin. While I did cover my eyes when anticipation built, nothing really knocked my socks off. I will give the movie credit though and say that there were a few jump scares that blew me out of my seat. The horror aspect of the film isn’t what made me love the movie though.

The acting in the movie was incredible. A number of child actors with an immense amount of talent was astonishing. I was greatly impressed by their capability to draw me in and make believe every part of the movie believable. The close bond between the kids in the movie is one of the reasons I found myself liking It so much. The storyline of the movie was very well done, and there was never a dull moment, with every character and plotline thought out perfectly.

So while the horror aspect of it may not have been the best, I don’t think that’s what the director and producers were trying to do, and if it was, I don’t really mind, I liked It because of the story and the characters. The acting really tied it all together for me, and I would definitely see it again.

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